NaNo Report: Week 3

Hullo, all. Welcome to week 4 of the run through NaNo.

Time for my progress report for week 3. I do this to reinforce my goal of writing something every day even if I don’t make the required word count.

The original theme for the week was fantasies, but after two weeks of themes I asked for a break. So the theme changed to asking DomSigns and Molly for a word prompt a piece. Just so you know, he comes up with some far out words. This was a nice creative stretch for me overall.

Silly Girl: 500 words

Kitchen Work: 750 words

Swap: 1522 words

Beauty Queen: 300 words

Cloudy Day: 842 words

Come Closer: 378 words

Words of Peace: 450 words

Aged Starlet: 525 words

Chronicles of Warwick: 540 words

Repeated Patterns: 950 words

Word total for week 3 was 6.757 words bringing my word count to 15,953. The using of prompt words seemed to really be beneficial to my writing. It was the best word count week so far. I didn’t miss a day either!

I’m back on with themes this week so we’ll see how it goes in that regard.

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