Give Thanks

“Bow your head.” A thready voice commanded her.

She didn’t lift her gaze from her empty plate, bringing her hands together and closing her eyes.

A loud thud and muffled cries reached her ears, sending a skittered of shivered down her spine. The cries trailed off to whimpers that made her squeeze her eyes tight.

“We give thanks to the lord for what he has provided.”

Another loud thud and the whimpers were cut off. What followed was the sound of meat being sliced and the scraping of cutlery.

“Times have become challenging, but the lord in his wisdom has once again provided for us.”

A chair dragged along the floor and she jumped, her heart pounding out of her chest.

“We give thanks for those who have sacrificed so we may fill our bellies, warm our homes, and keep a roof over our heads.”

There was a long pause as a sharp metallic scent permeated the air and threatened to turn her stomach. She knew better than to lift her head. Not yet.

“For all of these things we give thanks,”

“Amen.” She echoed with him.

Drawing in a steady breath and kept her eyes on her plate. Piping hot food was piled up in front of her. Mashed potatoes, Mac and cheese, green beans, stuffing, and home made rolls.

And large slices of meat that oozed blood all over the plate.

A finger covered in dried blood tapped her hand. “Move forward, you’re too far from the table.”

The chains about her ankles rattled as she scooted forward. She squeezed her fork desperate to avoid the dead eyes staring back at her from the platter on the table. Anything to hold back the scream that threatened to spill forth.

Forking some potatoes into her mouth, she swallowed them and the bile that seemed stuck in her throat.

She forced words from between her numb lips. “Thank you for the food.”


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