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“Heather, you up?”

Wren tossed his towel into the hamper as he passed back into the bedroom. He was surprised to see his usually punctual wife still buried under the comforter. Pulling on a pair of shorts, he approached the bed. A small groan came when he pulled back the material. Long strands of dark hair covered Heather’s face, her mouth pursed and her eyes squeezed shut.

“Five more minutes , Daddy.”

That word sent a zing of awareness through his body. She rarely used that title with him, but when she did it told him exactly where her head was. Wren felt blood rush to his cock.

Sitting on the side of the bed, he smoothed the hair out of her eyes. He skimmed his thumb over her lips and then pressed gently until she opened enough for him to slip in. Her tongue lapping at the tip of his finger in invitation.

“You want five for minutes, baby?” He slipped his finger deeper in her mouth and pressed down on her tongue. “What do I get if I give you that?”

Her eyes opened, showing him all her pent up need. It had been a while since Heather had shown any of her little side, life as its been As he saw in her eyes the desire for him to take care of her, he realized how much he needed her like this also.

“Anything I want?”

Her lips sealed tight around his thumb as she nodded. Wren couldn’t help his smile as he pulled the covers back with his other hand. Heather had stripped out of her t-shirt she normally wore to bed, leaving her in a pair of tiny panties. Pushing her to her back, he palmed her breast.

“Did my naughty girl not sleep well last night?” He pinched her nipple and shuddered when her teeth grazed his thumb. “Maybe you need something to help with that.”

Removing his thumb, he slipped the wet digit over the other nipple. Pinch to one and a tease to the other as she squirmed on the bed. She squeezed her legs together, arching up into his hands with a breathless sigh.

“Daddy, please.” she whimpered when her pinched her nipple harder.

He released her breasts to push her thighs apart. “Please, what? Hm? ‘Please, fill my mouth with your cock so I can suck on it like a pacifier, Daddy?’”

He pushed the gusset of her panties to the side and pushed his fingers deep into her wet cunt. She cried out and arched higher.

“Or, are you asking me to fuck you here? Do you want your Daddy to fill you with so much cock and cum.”

Her hand grazed his thigh, her eyes pleading. Leaning forward, he grabbed her hand and pressed it to the front of his shorts. He was heavy and thick, eager to do so many things to her. Her fingers molded around him, rubbing him through the fabric.

He brought his mouth to her ears as he fingered her. “If I fuck you there, I’ll put a baby in your belly.”

He felt the way she trembled at his words and his cock seemed to thicken even more.

“Is that what my girl wants?” He curled his fingers inside her. “To be fucked over and over, to be overflowing with cum. How many times would it take before my girl had a baby in her belly?”

Her hand rubbed faster and whimpered. God, she made him so fucking hot.

“You want so bad to be heavy with Daddy’s baby so he can take care of you, huh? You’d offer your mouth every day in thanks.”

“I need it.” She clenched around his fingers. “Yes, please, Daddy. “

“What a good girl.”

He pulled away, but before she could protest, he was flipping her on her stomach. Pushing his shorts just down his thighs, Wren smeared her juice on his cock. Heather rocked back so his cock slid between her cheeks, eager to be fucked. He was eager to fuck her, but at his pace. Daddy was in control.

“Head down, baby.”

She obeyed, bringing her ass up high for him. Pushing her panties aside again, he slide deep into her body. He tsked at her muffled cry.

“Daddy wants to hear you.” Her face turned away from the pillow giving him a view of her profile.

Gripping her hips, he pulled her back and was gratified to hear her sob. He could see her glazed eyes and parted lips. Wren wanted to see her completely wrecked under him, bruised and begging and covered in his cum. The savage desire coursed through him until he was pummeling her with each thrust.

He parted her ass with his fingers and watched as his cock split her cunt, the lips clinging so desperately as he pulled back. He heard her mumbling under her breath and gave a dark chuckle.

“Fuck me, Daddy. Please, fuck me harder.” Wren loved it when he begged. Just listening to her started that tingle in the base of his spine.

The frantic way she pushed back into each thrust told him how close she was which only pushed him on.

“Daddy, may I…” She gasped as he drove into her harder. “Daddy, please.”

“Please, what?” He gritted out, his fingers digging into her hips.

“Daddy, may I cum?”

“Beg.” Pressing a hand between her shoulders, he bore down on her body, fucking her with everything he had. “Beg for my cum.”

She went wild beneath him, thrashing even as she begged. “Give me your cum, Daddy. Please, give it to me. Fill me up and put a baby… put a baby inside me. Please!”

The feeling gathered deep in his gut and exploded out. He could feel each pulse like electrifying through his body, jolting him forward. His body tight to hers, he emptied every ounce of himself inside her. Heather’s cunt wrapped tight around him and her cries of pleasure echoed in his ears.

Rolling to the side, he pulled her into his arms. He could feel the minute shudders through her body, mirrors of the ones he felt. Wren could feel her heart thundering under her breast as he clasped her close.

He couldn’t help whispering in her ear as the throbbing beat slowed, “Make sure to keep all that cum inside today or you can’t sleep in next time.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

That breathy note in her voice made him hum.


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