Cara kneeling cupping her breast in post title A Beggar

In honor of Aaron Rodgers’ stint on Jeopardy and the kink he inspired. Maybe I’ll write more sometime.

They have a ritual on the weekends.

It starts the moment she steps inside his home and sheds her coat and heels. Her whole personality changes as she sheds her white blouse, peeling away the stress. Then goes her pencil skirt, losing her restrictions that hold her too tight. Last is her bra, her responsibilities going with it.

“Bring my sweater.”

His voice filters to her from his den. She already knows what to bring, but hearing him command her just strips away more of who she has to be outside this house. Grabbing his sweater, really an old gray cardigan, and brings it to her nose. Her nipples tighten as she draws in his scent. Captain Black tobacco and aftershave. His smell was just beneath it, warm heat and sunshine.

“Don’t make me wait, girl.”

Sharp and an octave deeper, hearing him made her cunt soften. Swallowing around a dry throat, she entered the den and crossed to where he sat by the fireplace.

Just being in his presence made another fetter fall away. She waited there in front of him while he stuffed tobacco into his pipe. They were assuming their roles in this place. His eyes dark as they scanned her nude body, whatever things previously occupying his mind disappearing as he took all of her in. He’d slicked his hair back to lay neat along his skull, donned a pair of brown khakis and penny loafers, and left his beard untrimmed. She wanted desperately to climb into his lap, lay her head on his chest, and inhale the intoxicating scent of him.

“You kept me waiting.”

“I’m sorry, sir.” Casting her eyes down, she felt his gaze caressing her again.

“We’ll deal with that later.” He lit his pipe and tapped his thigh.

Kneeling by his chair, she handed him the sweater and laid her head on his thigh. His fingers carded through her hair as pipe smoke floated around them. She fell into a trance as his unique smell filled her lungs.

It was subtle, the way she knew what he wanted next. She felt it in the tensing of his thighs and the stilling of his hand in her hair. She slide her cheek along his thigh, up until she could rub her lips over the thick line of his cock trapped behind his slacks. She mouthed up his zipper, moving so he could unbuckle his belt. Her mouth watered as he peeled back the edges so his cock just peeked out.

His hand was in her hair, fisting tight before she could move in to take him in her. She lifted her eyes to his and let him lead her forward.

“What are you here to do?”

She held his gaze as he painted pre-cum on her lips. “To please you, sir.”


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