Whisker Burn

I’m behind on this one. Next week I’m determined to bring it to a close. Check under A Taste at the top to catch you up. Here’s the last thing I posted

“Have you… Have you seen him lately.” Meg fidgeted beside him as the credits rolled on the screen.

“Yeah, I saw him last night.”

A wealth of emotion and unspoken questions filled the room. How was he? Why hasn’t he tried calling? On and on in her mind, but she stopped before they poured from her mouth. Megan couldn’t sit still anymore.

Her exit from the room was more of a sprint than a walk, but she didn’t slow down. David would have to show himself out.

Megan found herself spread out across her bed staring at the ceiling. She felt edgy, too uncomfortable to engage in anymore conversation. Being that close to David for that long had set her senses to high, and she’d spent the entire movie wet.

Things felt weird. She’d asked him over because she couldn’t stand being alone. In her mind, she couldn’t have Kyle even though she wanted him. David felt right because he understood that longing. That achy part of her wanted to be near a person who wanted Kyle as much as she did. Someone who attracted her in the same way.

Too bad she couldn’t seem to shake her thoughts of the three of them together. Things couldn’t be anymore messed up.

The sound of a door closing brought unexpected tears to her eyes.

She couldn’t make up her mind. The need to feel someone against her skin made her crazy, but really all she wanted was to feel the combined strength of Kyle and David wrapped around her.

“Megan, you okay?”

A startled gasp spilled from her lips. David filled her doorway, his size blotting out the light from the hallway. Her body vibrated with need as she registered how big he was and how he’d feel against her. Suppressing a groan, she sat up.

“Yea, I’m just…” She waved her hands around as she searched for an explanation for her thoughts. “Tired.”

He didn’t say much, but she felt the way his eyes caressed her face. “Do you want me to leave?”

Yes, she did. But as he took another step into her room, Megan knew she wanted him there with her. She knew it was wrong, but she couldn’t deny her need.

“No, please stay.”

David seemed to freeze then vibrate with suppressed energy. “Are you sure, Megan?”

She swallowed knowing exactly how this would go if she consented. Heaven help her, she wanted David desperately in that moment and couldn’t have said no if she tried.

The moment she nodded he prowled toward her. He was invading her space, filling her lungs with his unique scent and overwhelming heat. Megan tilted her head to look up at him and the desire darkening his blue eyes mesmerized her. He gave her a tight smile as he lifted a tentative hand to her face.

“We shouldn’t…”

Her lips brushed along the pads of his fingertips. Their eyes held as she whispered, “I know.”

The nervous bob of his Adam’s apple sent a thrill through her. She wanted this, needed this contact. Megan rose to her knees, bringing their faces level. It was easy to connect lips and light the embers that burned between them.

God, she tasted so fucking good.

His mind fled as he pulled her closer and devoured her mouth. David needed to touch her everywhere, needed to feel every inch of her soft skin and lose himself in her. She moaned softly as his tongue dipped between her lips. The sound shot straight to his cock and overrode what remained of his common sense.

The need to bury his face in her cunt became a necessity as important as breathing. His hands fumbled with the fastening of her pants as he continued sipping at her lips. Touching the warm skin of her belly just above her cotton panties drive him insane.

“I have to taste you,” he breathed out as he pulled away from her. David yanked her pants down, absorbing her gasp as he stripped the material from her body. “Open.”

On some level he knew he needed to slow down, needed to go easy, but pure lust had him feeling hopped up. That feeling shot through the roof when Megan laid back and splayed her thighs revealing the flesh of her cunt. The lips glistened, the tissue inside flushed a pretty pink, plump and ready for devouring. Her scent rose up to fill his nose and he knew he was lost.

He pressed at her thighs, causing her cunt to pout open more, and then dove straight into her. That first taste of her on his tongue made him groan.

“God, Meg.” He loved the way she shuddered as his tongue dipped between her open lips. Her sweet liquid was thick and he wanted so much more.

Pressing closer, he lapped at her, burying his face until her wetness covered him. Chin and lips dripped with her cream as David drank her down. Her fingers dug into his scalp, her hips rising to meet the movements of his mouth, her cries growing with each passing second. God, he could drown in her taste, her scent, her sounds. He sucked hard at the engorged button of her clit, worshipping it like the tiny cock it was. A nip, a suck, a broad sweep with his tongue sent her cries higher.

“David! Please…” The hard tug at his head was his warning moments before she arched her back and screamed her pleasure.

Her cunt spasmed against his lips, thick girl cum spilled from her body straight into his open mouth. David drank it all, licking until she lay spent. Her clit twitched beneath his tongue when he gave it one last lick, her whimper signaling she’d had enough.

David rested his head on her thigh happy to wear her satisfaction on his face. The harsh sounds of Megan’s breathing filled the room, the silence behind it comfortable as she regained her breath. His dick throbbed insistently behind the confines of his jeans, but he ignored it. She was more important to him just then.

But his mind chose that moment to re-engage and there was no keeping the demons at bay any longer.

Some seconds later, she shifted under him and he had to go. With a sigh of regret, he moved to stand and looked down at her. The way her thighs remained open beckoned him, almost inviting him to slack the thirst clawing beneath his skin. He contemplated giving in to it. She had such a soft, expectant look on her face as she lay with her shirt pushed up her torso and her lower half bare. He knew her pussy would milk him dry and satisfy him.

But he couldn’t.

That old guilt rose up at what he’d just done. He was so fucked up for messing with Megan after what had just happened with Kyle. A shudder of revulsion worked through him and he had to turn away.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw Megan lift up on her elbows. “Dave?”

There was a wealth of fear in her voice, but he stepped back, denying the need to comfort her. “I’m sorry, Meg. I’m a real asshole.”


He couldn’t look at her as she scrambled to cover herself. He hated himself so much, the truth of what he was staring him in the face. Moving to the door, David barely stopped to speak. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

That’s all he did was apologize for how he fucked things up once again. He deserved to have his ass kicked, but the chaff of his unspent cock against the zipper of his jeans was punishment enough.


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