Whisker Burn

Kyle let his head drop back against the sofa. He felt like he was brimming, ready to fly apart at any second. Frustration and unfulfilled lust battled inside him, and he grit his teeth against the urge to scream. What a fucking mess.

In his carefully constructed plan, he’d have his cake and eat it too. He’d have Dave and Megan, no consequences. He’d sate himself on the hard and the soft of both world, satisfy himself. Because it was intoxicating to have them give themselves up to him. Willing in the different ways men and women could be willing.

But it was all messed up now.

“I gotta get back, Ky.” Dave spoke quietly into the room, reminding Kyle he still had that to deal with that before he lost someone else.

There was no quelling the anger storming through him. “You ditching me, too?”

The rustle of fabric reached his ears just before he felt Dave sit down beside him. Both of them seemed mired in their internal struggles, the stiffness in his friend’s posture Kyle’s clue even without looking. Part of him wondered what was cycling through Dave’s mind, but he wasn’t up to finding out.

“Kyle, this…” Dave paused and Kyle looked over at him finally. He wanted to kick his own ass for the way sorrow etched lines in Dave’s face. “I don’t know how to explain this, how I feel.”

Anger raged at those words. He clenched his fist to keep from pushing him to the ground and beating some sense into Dave. “What are you saying, Dave? You regret it?”

“You’re my best friend, Ky. I care…” He turned away, unable to stand the hearing the words he knew were coming. “It just shouldn’t have gotten this far.”

Mistake. He didn’t have to say it, but Kyle heard it nonetheless. Like he’d been forced into the relationship instead of fucking panting for it. The thought made him seethe. It was ugly, the feelings roiling around in him. He was losing everything and all he wanted was to smash something or someone.

A hand slid up his forearm. “Kyle –”

He brushed away Dave’s hand and pushed to his feet, his eyes on the door. It was difficult to speak, anger and some other unidentified emotion made the words stick in his throat. “I’ll take you home then.”

Kyle started to the door not bothering to see if Dave followed.

Megan hadn’t thought about David or Kyle in two weeks.

Liar, her mind whispered. She put her head under the water hoping it would wash away thoughts that seemed her constant companion lately.

Every time she closed her eyes she’d see Kyle thrust into David, or she’d see David’s face contorted with passion. She imagined them coming together, cum all over the place. The worse moments where when she pictured laying between them, a cock in each orifice, and her moaning as they screwed her senseless. She’d woken more nights than she could count a with her hand buried between her thighs.

Warmth that had little to do with the steamy shower seemed to infuse her skin until she felt overheated. She ended the shower before it disintegrated into a masturbation session, and with how achy she felt, Megan knew that’s exactly what would happen.

The air touching her damp skin overstimulated her, but she ignored the need clenching low in her belly and pulled on her pajamas. She needed to decide if she was going to take her friend April up on her offer to go clubbing. It seemed wrong to say what they’d broken over, and she’d held that damning information back. That hadn’t stopped April from calling Kyle every name in the book.

Was she ready to look for someone new so soon? Megan knew she wasn’t even closed to over him, that she wanted him still. Wanted he and David both.

Going out just didn’t feel right so she wandered into the living room in search of a good drama to cry herself to sleep to.

She’d just passed the door on her way to the living room when a loud knock startled her. It was well after dark and her door lacked a peephole, so she opened it enough to see out. David stood on the other side, his face weary and his shoulders stiff. She flung the door open, fear setting her heart racing.

“Is…” Megan swallowed around the lump in her throat. “Is everything okay?”

He stared at her, a grimace on his face. “Kyle’s fine, if that’s what you’re asking. Nothing’s happened.”

The fear drained out of her and she sagged against the door. Definitely not over him in the slightest. Megan eyed David who hadn’t relaxed at all. If anything, he looked more tense and more disheveled than she’d ever seen him. He’d mussed his blonde hair and creased clothes giving him a rumpled look.

“Come in, Dave.” She stepped aside to allow him into the foyer, and then preceded him down the hall to the living room.

The room seemed to shrink as his big body moved into the space. Megan was again acutely aware of the last time she’d been in a living room with him. A blush crept up his cheeks as though he was thinking of it too. Damn that sliver of reawakened desire that uncoiled in her belly.

“What do you want?” Arousal sharpened her tone, but she let it ride instead of apologizing.

David stood in front of her, the tortured expression on his face tugging at her. A muscle ticked at his cheek and Megan suppressed the urge to smooth her hand through his wild blond hair.

He drew in a breath before gesturing to the couch. “I just needed to talk…”

“So talk.”

She made no offer for him to sit, but he settled beside her anyway. Her couch was more of a love seat so their thighs and shoulders brushed. Megan felt the same acute awareness for him as she always felt for Kyle. It fizzed in her blood before settling low in her belly. If he didn’t say whatever was on his mind and leave, she worried about what she’d do.

“David, either say what you came to or get the hell out.”

His eyebrows disappeared into his hairline. He blinked before sighing softly. “Look, I just came to apologize for what happened.”

Just saying that caused his whole countenance to changed. That easy-going demeanor she expected from him had disappeared behind this mask of uncertainty and pain. Tension practically radiated off him, his muscles bunched tight beneath his t-shirt. He braced his elbows on his knees, his hands burying in his curly hair.

“I didn’t mean for it to happen.” The words were fierce as he fisted his hair. He dropped his hands and turned pleading eyes on her. “I can’t explain it and I won’t make excuses, but I’m asking for your forgiveness. I’ve never done anything like that before and I swear I never meant to come between you. Kyle –”

He cut off whatever else he meant to say, but Megan wanted to hear it. “What? Kyle what?”

They were so close she could see the way his lips parted and eyes dilated at her boyfriend’s name. And that longing etched on his face tugged at her. It made her needy.

“Kyle wants you, Meg.” His tongue slid over his lips, wetting them and arousing her. “He loves you.”

Her breath caught. For a moment she felt the same kind of acute longing, knew it was mirrored on her face, but she let it fall away. “Did he send you over here to tell me that?”

Sorrow flitted across his face. “I haven’t talked to Kyle since that day.”

That wasn’t what she expected. She’d been harboring nasty imagines, lewd pictures in her mind’s eye of them together. One look at the pain on David’s face told her none of them were accurate.

“Why not?” She blurted before she could stop the words.

“Because it’s not natural.” A muscle jumped repeatedly in his cheek. “Because I shouldn’t want those things and you two are supposed to be together.”

His anguish bothered her. Megan went with her gut and wrapped her arms around his waist, settling her head on his shoulder to offer him comfort. “David, it’s okay to have feelings for another guy.”

He was shaking his head, speaking urgently so she understood. “Just Kyle. It’s always been just him. I don’t want any other guy.”

Megan understood his feelings. They were the same ones she had for Kyle as well. “Either way, it’s not wrong. You’re not wrong for wanting him.”

“I’ve never wanted any other guy.” She felt the press of his lips in her hair. “I’ve always liked girls that look like you. I can’t understand why I want Kyle.”

Girls like her. She lifted her head, bringing their faces even closer. His eyes slid to her mouth and the tension shifted in that moment.

“God, you’re gorgeous, Meg.” His breath teased her lips and she let them part slightly. “Kyle’s so fucking stupid.”

“It’s okay.” She wasn’t sure why she said that, but she did. Maybe that was her forgiveness. “It’s okay.”

Then their lips were touching in a gentle kiss. David let her lead, let her explore, offered his mouth as though offering penance. Megan found his openness arousing, and took full advantage, deepening the kiss. But even as she pressed into him, she found she wanted him to possess her. She wanted David to take. She wanted him to dominate her the way Kyle always did, going until he wrung all the pleasure he could from her body. They broke apart, gasping and clinging to each other.

“I feel like I’m betraying him.”

David drew away and shook his head. Some of the pain was gone from his face, but the aura of uncertainty still hovered around him. “I know.”

He stood to leave and panic surged through her. “David, wait.”

Their eyes met. The same emotions, fear, lived in his stormy blue eyes. Megan knew she couldn’t let them continue on like they were, and decided something right then.

“Come over tomorrow evening. I could, uh, I could use the company.”

David didn’t question her request, simply nodded and then let himself out.


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  1. Not As Innocent as They Think

    Wow! I love it! You’ve got to finish the story! You did a great job putting “pen to paper” with this one.. So descriptive, so emotional..so raw! I love it!

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