Whisker Burn

Megan felt sick.

Blood rushed in her ears and her eyes blurred dangerously. It was like she was in the Twilight Zone, walking in to find her boyfriend screwing his best friend in the living room. Maybe it was all the alcohol buzzing through her system, maybe she was drunker than she realized. A shot or two of bourbon wouldn’t have her seeing things like this though.

The sight of Kyle with his jeans around his thighs, pumping into David’s naked behind should’ve freaked her out. At the very least it should’ve pissed her off. Instead the anger at Kyle’s cheating took a back seat to the insistent throb between her thighs. They looked too sexy together.

Color flooded her cheeks when Kyle whispered her name, his pounding thrusts slowing to a halt when he spotted her. David was still too lost in passion to notice, but Megan seemed hyper-aware. The intimacy wasn’t lost on her, even in their violent coupling she could detect that. Kyle’s hands held Dave almost protectively.

Did she even have that with Kyle? And why did she long to be pressed between them, bracketed by a wall of hard flesh?

She pushed aside her internal struggle and met Kyle’s eyes. “How long?”

Kyle laid a hand on David’s back, a gentle touch that again caught her attention. Her heart clenched at little.

David glanced at her, his eyes wide and glazed. He pushed up, desperation written all over him. “Shit! Let me up, Ky.”

They disengaged, but Kyle refused to let the other man run away. She felt like an interloper and that succeeded in rousing the anger that had disappeared behind the lust. Megan had believed she had that kind of relationship with him. It hurt to watch them interact believing she didn’t know her boyfriend at all.

Kyle caught David before he retreated to gather his clothing. Even as she fumed, she couldn’t help noticing how good-looking the blonde man was. “Don’t leave.” The command was clear.

David’s mirthless laughter made her brow furrow. “Where would I go?”

He pulled away and swept up his clothing from the hallway before disappearing to the bedroom. The stiff set of his shoulders bothered her, but she couldn’t put her finger on why. There was something fragile about David that always caught her attention, but it’d been pronounced just then.

Megan turned back to find Kyle already put back to right, a neutral expression on his face. He ran a hand through his dark hair, the loose strands fanning it out over his shoulders. She hated that he didn’t look flustered now, that the flash of anxiety that she’d first caught in his dark eyes had disappeared behind that wall.

“How long, Kyle?” There was steel in her voice, anger having given her strength.

He stared at her for a long moment, so long she almost looked away. “A week.”

The answer shook her. They’d been together every night except tonight, going at it with the same fervor she’d just witnessed. Kyle had been beyond enthusiastic, practically drowning her with his intense passion. How could she not notice?

Megan felt her knees weaken. Numbly, she walked Into the room and dropped on the couch. She put her head in her hands, unable to look at him.

“I’m such an idiot,” she whispered. Mortified at the tears stinging her eyes and clogging her throat.

The cushion dipped beside her and Kyle gathered her in his arms. Out of habit she buried her face in his neck and breathed in his scent. It was stronger there, the sweat coating his skin speaking to his strenuous activities moments before. She smelled sex on him, the earthy odor clinging to him and filling her mind with the image of David bent over the couch.

Megan sobbed for the arousal that stoked in her.

“Ah, Baby, it’s not what you think.” He pressed his lips to her hair, pulling her further into his embrace. The fact that she didn’t push away spoke volumes.

She laughed almost hysterically into his neck, her lips brushing his throat. She licked the sweat from her lips, shivering at the taste of him. It was a fight to pull her mind back to anger. “It’s not? Because I was thinking I just caught you fucking your best friend. Who’s a man.”

He said nothing to that. Instead he threaded his hand in her hair, caressing and massaging her scalp until the tension leaked out of her. His touch was electric, his hands capable of making her forget things. She’d always loved that Kyle’s touch could undo her, but today it pissed her off how easily her body submitted to the demand of his.

“I care about you, Meggie. Make no mistake about it; I want you, burn for you even.” He tugged gently until she tipped her head back to look into his eyes. He tugged a little harder and she gasped, that possessive look in his eyes heating her entire body.

“But you want Dave, too.” It was a statement, written in his brown eyes.

Megan said nothing, surprised that her lust was so apparent. He closed the hairbreadth of space to take her lips in a too brief, but incredibly tender kiss.

The kiss threatened to scramble her mind. Even with her heart pounding in her ears, Megan found the wherewithal to pull back. Keeping her head about her was important.

“You can’t possibly understand how I feel right now. I thought this was serious between us and now I’m all messed up because I caught you cheating on me with a guy.” She blinked back tears. “You can’t pepper me with kisses and expect me okay with this! I thought you cared about me, you asshole.”

She made to push up off the couch, but he grabbed her arm and held her down. His eyes were inky black and narrowed. “I do care about you. This just kind of happened with Dave. I swear I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“But you did.” She closed her eyes, blocking out the anguish that appeared on his face. “You did and I can’t just let it go.”

This time when she stood, Kyle let her. Her heart contracted painfully as she walked to the hallway. She needed to leave, clear her head a little, figure things out. Put herself back together.

“I’m sorry, Meg.” David’s hushed voice stopped her as she turned the doorknob. There was so much pain in those few words that she couldn’t help halting.

She looked over her shoulder to see him standing on the edge of the dim light. He’d donned pants, but nothing else, and the shadows played along the planes of his chest and stomach. On some level, Megan could understand how it happened. Both Kyle and David were beautiful men, and the image of them together burned hot in her mind’s eyes. A quiver of need hit her full force and she sucked in a breath.

“Me too.” She offered him a smile, unable to conjure up the anger the moment deserved, and then stepped out into the night air.

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