Whisker Burn

A long one.

That stretch, that feeling of being split had him arching his back and moving his hips away. But the situation saw him trapped, by the continued slid of Kyle’s cock into his ass, by Kyle’s hand gripping his hip and the impossibly hard length of his cock, and by the need that froze him solid. David had to take it, he wanted to take it in spite of the pain or because of it. It was exquisite the feeling of his body taking the one man who made him feel fevered. David moaned low in his throat, the combined sensation of his cock being gripped and his ass being filled so good.

The groan that vibrated from his friend as he slid all the way in made David tremble. He felt full, those nerves firing frantically, painfully as Kyle pulsed inside of him. David squeezed his eyes shut as they hovered there, the wiry hairs of Kyle’s pubes tickling his butt cheeks, their breathing mingled in the room, all reminders of where they were and what they were doing.

Panic assaulted him at the position he was in; him, so damn manly, bent like a bitch over the sink while his best friend took him in the ass. It was too wrong all of a sudden, too far to the left, too different from who he thought he was. He needed to get away from it.

“Easy, man. Easy.” Kyle whispered in his ear, his chest pressed into his back comforting him, holding him steady. “Just relax, I won’t hurt you.”

“I can’t do this,” he replied, surprised at how firm he sounded. ”This isn’t who I am.”

A kiss on his throat, and his answering tremor, showed him for the liar he was. Kyle kissed him again, just behind his ear, a moist kiss that lingered. David tipped his head back, needing more of that lovely mouth on him. More. The rasp of Kyle’s tongue along his the stubble covering his jaw came with the retreat of the other man’s hips. The loss of that part of him that pried him wide open, that showed his secrets.

“It’s okay, we’re okay. This is okay.” Kyle withdrew until only his cockhead remained inside, holding David steady when he would’ve followed him back. David felt him nuzzle his ear. “You want to know why?”

David was a ball of conflicting feelings, his mind almost too jumbled to speak. He wanted Kyle to fuck him until he couldn’t move, he wanted that calloused hand to pump and pump until his cum spurted out on the cabinets, he wanted him to kiss him until both of their lips were swollen, he wanted to push him off and walk away from the need, he wanted to tackle him to the ground and beat the shit out of Kyle for making him want what he shouldn’t.

More than anything, David wanted Kyle to finish what he started.

“Dave.” There was just a hint of a command in his strong voice. The hand wrapped around his cock tightened and he bucked into it. “Do you want to know why?”

It took a couple of tries before David could speak. ”Why?”

“Because this is about feeling. And this feels right.”

Kyle slid back inside, thrust hard so David jolted forward. The sensation, the feeling sizzled along David’s spine and he cried out. There was no time to catch his breath, as Kyle set up a punishing rhythm. Hard, pounding, stretching him, slowing his mind. And all the while, Kyle pumped his hand along David’s shaft, bringing him along until they were both grunting and moaning at the impact. Flesh smacking flesh; supremely erotic.

David let it wash over him; the smell of Kyle, the rough sounds in his ear, the way he felt. Cum dripped steadily from the end of his cock, his cheeks squeezing with each thrust.

“God, Dave,” Kyle grunted. ”You feel so damn good.”

Those words, breathy and so full of lust, was the last straw. David felt his balls draw up and with one firm pump of Kyle’s hands, he blew all over. His shuddering sent hard tremors through his entire body, and he clenched around Kyle’s dick planted deep inside. Within seconds, his friend was howling behind him, filling his ass with warmth. Filling him with stark contentment and satisfaction.

They both slumped forward over the sink. The smell of sex hung heavy in the air around them, and for just one second David let himself enjoy it.

“Ah, Dave. I knew it would be exactly like that.” Kyle turned David’s face toward him, gazed into his eyes for one long moment, and then kissed him full on the lips.

It was what he wanted, what he needed.

It felt like hours before their breathing calmed, the kiss stealing what little breath they’d gained. The feeling of Kyle pulling out drew a small whimper from his lips. Cum leaked out of David’s body, falling in warm rivulets down this thigh, shaming him with the ache of his ass and the lingering pleasure he felt from it all.

The shuffling and rustling of fabric gave away Kyle’s movements to right himself, but David stayed where he slumped. He just couldn’t move yet. To move invited the questions, magnified the shame, brought the uncertainty. Instead, he leaned heavily against the sink, sticky with fluid, desperate to keep himself grounded.

A hand landed on his shoulder, squeezing almost reassuringly. “Go get cleaned up, man.”

There was that sharp commanding tome again. It contradicted the reassurance the hand on David’s shoulder tried to give. He would’ve argued, told Kyle to go fuck himself, but he obeyed like a whipped puppy. Pulling his jeans up to his waist, he left them unbuttoned and moved through the living room and down the hallway.

David’s mind spun like an eddy, thoughts tumbling end over end as he walked into his bedroom. He stripped out of his clothes mechanically, and stepped on the cool tile floor. The mirror caught his reflection and he just stared at himself. His eyes at half-mast, confusion and barely sated lust still brimming there. The usual straight line of hair pointed in every direction. His skin glowing with satisfaction, and his big body trembling in the aftermath of what happened.

He looked blissed out.

A smile appeared. His mind still tumbled, but his body felt too damn glorious to ignore. He turned away from the deeply satisfied man in the mirror and flicked on the shower. The water slid like hands over his heated body, and David let his mind wander as he washed Kyle’s scent from his skin.

Was he gay now because he wanted and liked what they did? Was Kyle gay? What did it mean for their friendship? What if David wanted more of that, wanted it desperately?

He wondered what he’d do if he had the answers to those questions.

The water turned tepid and he cut the tap. His arousal had cooled to a simmer finally, and he felt like he could face Kyle. Man up, he told himself as he stepped out of the shower. It was nothing, a fluke, they’d figure it out. Kyle’s voice made him jump out of his skin.

“God, you’re hot.” Kyle leaned against the bathroom wall, lust burning in his chocolate-colored eyes. “I’ve never wanted to fuck another man as much as I want to fuck you right now. It’s so weird.”

The way Kyle’s eyes followed the trails of water running down his body brought David’s dick to half-mast just like that. He felt burnt by that intense gaze. Like meat seared on a grill.

He reached for a towel to put some kind of barrier between them. Kyle continued to leer at him, tracking every movement as he wrapped the material around his waist.

The thickened silence made him feel jumpy as he searched for the right words. He looked everywhere except at Kyle who seemed totally at ease. Too much tension existed between them now, and David couldn’t seem to get his throat to work.

Finally Kyle grew irritated by the prolonged silence and advanced on him. David stood his ground, holding his place against the aggression rolling off his friend. Maybe if they beat the shit out if each other it would be like nothing had ever happened, they’d get it all out.

When they were toe-to-toe, Kyle wrapped a hand around the back of his neck. David flexed his hands, trying with all his might to keep from pulling the other man against him. He clenched his teeth and stared hard into Kyle’s eyes.

“It was a mistake,” he blurted. His cheeks heated, but he continued on. “I couldn’t… I’ve wanted to… God, Kyle, we shouldn’t have. I don’t like guys.”

Kyle’s leveled him with a hard look, his grip tightening around his neck. Their faces were close then, their breath mixing and mingling. “But you like me, right, Dave? You liked what I did to you just now in the kitchen, right? Because I loved it.”

David ignored how those words made him feel, how they aroused him further. “Kyle, we’re best friends. Straight best friends. You have a girlfriend, man. What the hell would she say if she found out?”

Their lips brushed as he spoke, David’s mouth tingled from that careless touch. Kyle smiled. “Don’t worry about Megan. She’s cool, open about things. Besides, this is worth exploring, don’t you think? I’ve felt this way for years and that one go isn’t enough. You know it, you feel it.”

It was getting hard to think, to simply concentrate with Kyle so close to him. He lifted his hands to push Kyle away and instead grabbed his shirt to pull him closer, joining their lips in a real kiss.

Animalistic and rough, teeth clashing and tongues dueling. A fight for dominance. This lacked all the gentleness of before. Suddenly, David wanted control, he wanted to feel the tight clasp of Kyle’s ass around his dick, he wanted to know how it felt to give himself over to the feelings.

They broke apart enough to suck in air. David leaned his forehead against Kyle’s. “This doesn’t make any sense, but I have to see. I’ve gotta know, gotta get you out of my system.” There was no disguising the anguish in his voice, but he couldn’t let go.

Kyle pulled him close so their bodies touched. “We’ll have fun, man. Nothing complicated, nothing crazy. Just fun.”

David nodded. “Just fun. Nothing more.”

A simple nod confirmed their mutual understanding of the place they’d trespassed into.

“Touch me then.” Kyle pulled David’s hand from his shirt and placed it against his denim covered bulge. David squeezed reflexively, the rigid length filling his palm and making him long for dirty things. “I gotta know we’re in this together.”

It was the huskiness in Kyle’s voice the drove him. His hands releasing buttons and zipper to free the cock that strained out toward him. The breathy gasp that slipped from Kyle as David held him was a heady thrill. They were together in their pleasure.

Hot and hard, the way Kyle felt was beyond erotic. Different from his own body, yet the same. Holding him, caressing him, made his balls ache with the need to come.

David swirled his thumb around the wet tip and Kyle dropped his head back with a groan. “It shouldn’t feel this good, but damn it does.”

“What does it feel like?” he whispered as his hand pumped fast.

“Different.” A shudder moved through his friend, his tone guttural. “Good.”

David’s cock stood at attention beneath his towel, and a flick of a wrist released him from the confines of it. Like a solider, it stood up, bumping between their bodies and leaking its need. Kyle groaned louder, but made no move to touch him.

They came together for another bruising kiss, all teeth and tongue. Another fight for dominance. David worked Kyle’s dick the same way he touched his own, drawing him quickly to a back arching climax. And as warm cum splattered over his bare skin and down his fingers, David pushed aside the nagging doubts and promised to think about the consequences later.


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