Whisker Burn

David squirmed on the couch, struggling to ignore the skitter of awareness his friend’s nearness caused. The cushion shifted beside him as Kyle leaned forward to rest his elbows on his knees, every ounce of his attention on the images flickering across the big screen tv.

His innocent movements brought that spicy cologne to David’s nose and he barely stifled his groan.

Messed up thoughts and feeling wormed through him. The way the dark-haired man – his best friend since high school – stirred something basic… Something extremely primal and sexual inside him.

If asked, David was adamant about his straightness. His girlfriend numerous and gorgeous, his attraction to them legendary, but still this thing he felt remained like an itch just beneath the surface. It demanded scratching.

Since the first day Kyle walked into the Jennings High locker room their senior year, his lean body wrapped in a shirt and fitted jeans, David had spent the last ten years ignoring the attraction he felt. Only it had grown instead of diminishing until it was a struggle being near him. Until all he wanted was to taste those smiling lips.

Kyle was the only man who sent the blood racing to his cock. David had tested that fact over the years. He did not do dudes. He usually liked tall, lithe women with long lashes, big asses, and great tits. His dick stood up for every single one of them.

For them and for Kyle.

He watched his friend out of the corner of his eye. Kyle’s shoulder length dark hair would’ve made him seem girly, but he carried himself like a rock star so it fit. His sensual lips tilted in a smile and David felt his heart speed up. The man was broad-shouldered and narrow waisted, and he moved with a confidence that people envied. It just made David want him.

“You watching this, Dave?” Excitement gave Kyle’s deep voice a tinge of huskiness that went straight the David’s already hard cock. “Did you see that?”

He swallowed against the mounting desire. “Yea, I saw.” He knew he sounded hoarse, struggled to clear his throat. “It was cool, man.”

It was hard to focus on the rapidly moving images to know what was happening. He prayed Kyle would go back to the movie and leave him to his thoughts; he felt tense and uncomfortable, unable to carry on conversation. Silence descended between them and a minute David relaxed.

“Dude, are you okay?” He tensed again at the question.

Looking at him was an impossibility; he just couldn’t right then. David simply shook his head. He felt a touch too desperate, worried something he didn’t want to say would come out if he spoke.

A big hand landed on his thigh, too close to the bulge straining the front of his jeans. His breath hissed out at the contact, Kyle’s touch burning him clear to his skin. He felt his friend lean over and look him in the face, but David shut his eyes to block out Kyle’s chocolate-colored gaze.

“Seriously, what’s up, Dave?” Kyle’s warm breath fanned over his face. The urge to seek out the full lips close to his own was so strong he shuddered. “I’m worried, man. What do you need? I’ll do whatever.”

Those words, so sincere, rocked him. He dropped his head back on the sofa, sucking in air to clear his sex fogged mind. “I’m good, I just need some water.”

With that, David bolted off the couch and made for his kitchen.

The dim room was ten degrees cooler than the living room. Small blessings with the heat infusing his body. He sagged against the counter, bracing his hands on the sink, allowing the metal to calm some of the lust raging in him. The noise of the tv filtered into the room, sounding just beneath his harsh breathing. He felt uncomfortable in his skin, his clothes too tight and chafing. The pulse of blood in his cock made him reach down to cup the rigid length straining there.

Unbidden, the image of Kyle’s tan hand fisting him, and then him wrapping his full lips around him had David squeezing reflexively and groaning.

“Dave.” The sound of his name made him jump. “What’s up?”

“Nothing. I just need a drink.” He flicked on the water, needing a distraction as tension rode him hard. “Can I get you something?”

Kyle laughed, low and husky, and David grit his teeth. “Nah, man. That’s not what you need at all.”

Something in his tone made David go ramrod straight. “What -”

The hard body at his back cut off his words. Kyle’s scent hit him hard and he clung to the counter as his knees weakened. They were the same height, lining up chest to back, thigh to thigh. The bulge of Kyle’s cock settled against his ass, and he hung his head as a shameful moan rose up in his throat.

A hand sank into his blonde hair, snapping his head back. Lips moved down the column of his neck before stopping at the pounding pulse near the base. He shivered, confused and aroused.

“Ah, Dave, you and me.” Teeth sank into his shoulder through his shirt and he shuddered harder. “You and me have something moving between us. I know you feel it.”

Kyle cupped him, grasping his dick in a firm hold that had him rocking his hips forward. That husky laughter brushed over him again, exciting him more, promising something.

“I’ve felt it for years, and only for you.” Kyle ground against his ass. “I know you’ve felt it too. I’ve caught you staring, denying us both. Just let go and let us have this.”

David wanted to tell him no, wanted him to know he wasn’t that way, but the proof of his need surged into Kyle’s palm the moment he unsnapped David’s jeans. It was there, hard, thick, pulsing only for Kyle. Now that he was found out, that need refused denial.

Kyle pushed David’s jeans down to his thighs before coasting a hand up and down his dick, drawing groans from David. It felt good. A calloused palm working him felt beyond good. In the dim light, he watched Kyle touch him, and let the intensity, the rightness of it swamp him.

“Kyle,” he cried out, his hips thrusting forward.

“I know, man. I know.” A hand at his back bent him forward. “I’ll give us both what we need.”

There was desire and understanding in the voice of the man he’d known forever. This was the man he’d played football with, roomed with, talked about chicks with for years. And as the head of Kyle’s cock, already slick with pre-cum, notched to David’s tight rosebud, he found himself relaxing just enough, trusting that this would end how it should.

They’d be like two boulders crashing into each other, but the feeling of Kyle slipping through his sphincter, that pleasure and pain racing along his nerves, told him he’d enjoy it so much.


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