Bottoms Up

Kitten kneeling by the window with her bum in the air

It’s that time! Time to dive deep into this week’s kink of the fortnight. Let’s talk doggy style.

Face down
Ass up
That’s the way we like to fuck

Face Down Ass Up – 2 Live Crew

Cara on her hands and knees in post titled bottoms up

Coming in from behind and tapping dat behind.

I’m a person who has issues with picking favorites. I just don’t want to commit. There’s some deep seated issues behind that, but that’s for another post. I’ll be straight up real and say doggy style is my favorite position to be in during sex.

It seems a very submissive position. On all fours, facing away from your partner, while getting fucked. It’s strange how sometimes I can feel powerful in that position.

I had a partner or two in the past who would come so fast when he fucked me from behind. It was like he couldn’t control himself. I’ve always had issues with orgasming myself, but I wasn’t ever worried about myself in that position. I wanted my partner to come and that was a great way to do it.

I’ve always thought that penetration felt deeper and more intense when on my hands and knees. Something about taking away the face to face aspect made it easier for me to slip into the awesome sensations. It’s almost like I either connect emotionally or I do so physically, I’ve always struggled to do both. Maybe that’s why I like feeling like I’m being used during sex. And while I can feel powerful in that position, there’s an aspect of dominant intensity that being in that position fosters that just does it for me.

I like this position because it can be so deliciously rough. A hand can find its away around my throat or can dig into my hip, my hair can be pulled with perfection, or my face can be pushed into the bed. It’s this lovely brutality, this satisfying fuck, that this position seems to offer best.

I’ve written a number of stories about being fucked from behind. Here’s part of an old one that touches perfectly on how rough is appealing.

The monster behind her growled, yanking at her hips back and impaling her on his cock in one smooth thrust.

She was impossibly wet, but the size of him filling her pushed the breath from her lungs. His cock couldn’t be half in and she was already full to the brim, overwhelmed by him. Her fingers scrabbled for purchase on the smooth glass and her cunt gave a painful quiver around him. Before she could find the air to pull into her chest, he was withdrawing and plunging back in. She found herself facedown on the carpet, gore and the fabric of the weave digging into her cheek.

“Take all of me, little succubus. I’m going to stuff you full.” He lifted her hips higher as he pressed down on her head.

Her knees parted wider and he took the space to shove deeper. His fingers clawed her hips until she felt the rivulets of blood running down her thighs. And when he bottomed out inside of her, his groan of pleasure was animalistic. When she would’ve reared up, his hand kept her rooted to the ground like a chain.

He leaned over her back, his lips brushing her ear as he held himself inside her. “I’ll take you like bitch in heat, fuck your poor little body until it gives out. Then when you’re broken under me, I’ll fuck your pretty mouth as I crack open your chest.”

A broken whimper fell from her lips as he battered her body intent on fucking her within an inch of her life. As his lust blossomed so did the need in her. It couldn’t be denied even in the face of her own demise, she sucked up the force of his energy and grew drunk on it. With him embedded impossibly deep, him splitting her painfully wide, she felt her body soften.

He growled low as he felt her give. “Cum on my cock. Cum on my cock like the good little succubus you are.”

It hit her like a freight train, rolling through her and seizing every muscle in its awake. Her mouth opened wide on a soundless cry as she came hard. She shook and rolled her hips, crying out each time she gripped at his cock. He simply held her down and plowed her through it, intent on wrecking her. The force of him, the energy rolling off of him in waves, prolonged her climax into one long wave pummeling her.

Ah, such delicious roughness.

If you’d like to read the whole bit of Succubus, check it out here.

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  1. missy

    OMG that picture is absolutely gorgeous Cara. I love what you have written about doggy style too and totally agree about the animalistic feelings it brings out. missy x

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  3. Bee

    It’s my absolute favourite position too, I love the brutality of it.

    And I’m adding that track to my sexy playlist, although it may make me too wiggly!

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