Caught 12

The last chapter of the story that’s practically my baby. The odds of me publishing it are low, but I hope you’ve enjoyed this. That’s all folks

Chapter 12

Hunter watched Gazelle disappear through the door. His body hardened as the urge to sprint out into the warm night air surged through him, but he held himself in check. The urge was animal, uncontrollable, but he wanted to wait and release it at the very last moment. Because once he caught her all civility and propriety fell away. Once he caught her, Hunter planned to prove once and for all that she belonged only with him.

Stepping up to the open doorway, he let his senses open up, ignoring even the sound of Rhett’s breathing. He listened carefully to the night air and just caught the swish of her clothing as she rounded the corner of the house. Letting the predatory impulse wash over him, he started a countdown under his breath.

The moment he hit one, Hunter rushed into the darkness after her.



Gazelle’s feet made a slapping sound as they connected with the ground. She’d ditched her heels at the door before she’d hit the gravel of the driveway. Her heart had risen to lodge into her throat the moment she’d started the sprint, but it was excitement not fear that motivated her.

Precious time was lost when she’d hesitated about what direction to go, and she’d expected Hunter to catch her before she run to the back of the house. The only sound that reached her ears was her frantic breathing and the racing of her heart. Something told her to keep going instead of looking behind to see how close he followed.

Ten feet ahead of her, the backyard ended and the forest rose up. The trees were like close-knit sentinels standing guard. They would swallow her up if she made it to them.

Her mind raced with her heart as she put her running skills to good use. She was fast enough and had just enough stamina to make it to the trees. Hunter had given her enough of a head start that she could beat him, but did that mean he didn’t want to catch her? Had he meant what he said about catching her?

She lost focus for just a second and tumbled forward when she tripped over sticks at the edge of the lawn. She fell to her hands and knees, dazed for a second as she caught her breath. Chancing a glance over her shoulder, Gazelle strained her ears to catch any sound of him. The darkness impeded her attempts and her pounding heart drowned out all else. She pushed to her feet, ignored the throb in her knees, and pushed that last few feet into the woods.

The moment she entered the trees, Gazelle slowed to almost a stop. If he hadn’t caught her, she assumed he wasn’t going to. An acute feeling of disappointment assailed her, but she pushed it aside. Something important probably came up before he could get out the door. She figured she’d wait a bit and then return to the house once the most of the partygoers retreated to the playrooms.

She let her fingers run along the rough bark of each tree as she moved further into the forest. The soft grass tickled her feet as she walked ahead, and she enjoyed the contrasting sensations. It was quiet in the midst of the forest, a comfortable quiet that made her feel like she was in her own world.

Stopping when she was halfway in, Gazelle leaned against a thick tree trunk and opened her ears to the nighttime sounds. The sound of an owl calling made her smile. Maybe it wasn’t all bad, this foray into the woods. Just like her weekend with Hunter, she was reminded that she needed to stop and be more. She absorbed the stillness.

After a few minutes, the subtle sound of something moving drew her from her meditations. Before she could figure out the noise, a hand covered her mouth, cutting out her scream. Both hands were gathered and pinned above her head as a warm body pressed to her front. Fear pushed her to fight and struggled to free herself.  When the hand covering her mouth moved and settled at her thigh, she screamed as loud as she could and fought harder.

“Be still,” a pained grunted in her ear when her foot glanced off his shin.

The voice penetrated the fog of fear slowly, but when it did Gazelle went limp against the tree. “Hunter,” she breathed, the relief she felt made her weak.

“I caught you.” He nuzzled her neck, the hand at her thigh drug her dress up as he kept her hands pinned above her head. “And what I catch, I keep.”

Husky and possessive, his words caused a ripple in her body. She let her head fall back when his teeth sank into that place where shoulder and neck meet, marking her as his in the most animal way possible. Arousal ignited and raced like a fire through her.

His hand pushed her dress high on her waist as his mouth continued to bite along her neck. He wasted no time in diving under her panties, straight to the apex of her thighs. Already wet for him, his fingers slipped easily between her lips and into her cunt. Hunter made a sound that vibrated low in his chest, a cross between a growl and a moan.

“So damn wet.” His mouth whispered across hers once. Then his lips were on hers, demanding and taking, overwhelming her while his fingers plunged into her.

He left her body just as fast as he entered it, and she whimpered shamelessly. Before she could demand he touch her again, Hunter ripped away her panties, exposing her nakedness to the night air. Gazelle gasped and rocked her hips forward, needing his body in hers.

“Please,” she whispered, feeling urgent and needy.

This time the sound emanating from him was all animal, all male as he kicked her knees apart and settled between them. Her mind was hazed by raw need, by an intense desire to feel his cock inside of her. She yanked on her pinned hands, but he held her fast. Frustration at her inability to touch him had her bucking wildly, the fabric of his pants rubbing her sensitive skin and arousing her more.

“Damn you,” she hissed, “You take me now or leave me the hell alone.”

He reared back just a little, as though struck by the venom on her tone. “You want it, then? I’ll give it to you.”

Gazelle gasped when she felt his cockhead slid along the lips of her pussy. His mouth took hers in another punishing kiss as he thrust into her body.

Stretched, he advanced like a conquering king into her body and she felt stretched. Her body opened with his stiff possession and accepted his. Hunter pushed her hips hard against the rough bark, the scrape of her skin barely registered. Nothing felt better than the hard pulse of him deep inside of her body.

His breath rushed into her ear as he held her there. Then he was moving; hard steady thrusts that rode her body, pushed her higher, and stole her mind away. Gazelle opened her body and let her eyes stare blindly into the darkness while he took her. It was all feeling and the sound of their frantic, wet coupling. Moans spilled from her lips, mirrored the grunts he made. It was an overload of her senses.

Her body wound unbearably tight, and then the band in the pit of her stomach snapped and she was soaring in the darkness. Her body clenched and sucked at his cock as she cried out her passion. Hunter’s name echoed through the woods as she let go.

It wasn’t long after that his measured thrusts lost their steady rhythm, his hips plunging forward erratically before he stilled deep inside of her. The groan in her ear as he filled her body with his cum made her sigh in lazy pleasure.

They fell silent, the trees waving above them as they caught their breath. Hunter nuzzled her throat with his lips, his breath as warm like his essence inside of her. He released her arms and she wrapped them tight around her.

“We need this.” He pressed a kiss to her skin. “This is us and I can’t let this end.”

She grabbed his hair and pulled his head away. Searching his face in the darkness, she looked desperately for a sign that this was something more to him. Gazelle held herself rigid ready to push him away in a moment. “What am I to you, Hunter?”

“You’re mine. No” His hand gripped her waist holding him to her. “I let you go once and I love you too much to do it again.”

The tension drained away and Gazelle almost went limp. She squeezed the walls of her cunt around him, and smiled when his cock twitched. “Well, you caught me, so you get to keep me.”

She opened her mouth to say more, but he ground his pubis into her clit and her words turned into a moan.


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  1. paulaacton

    Thank you for sort of finishing the story, of course I still think it deserves to be edited and published and I will always want more, maybe at a later date you will amuse us with the further adventures of Hunter and Gazelle and the parties they might host at a later date together, you have created an intriguing cast of character with so many possibilities. You just need to ignore you insecurities and listen to your audience instead xxx

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      Cara Thereon

      I don’t even think it’s a matter of insecurity anymore. More getting all the necessary parts in line to attempt publishing again. I’m not interested in having this torn apart by readers. It’s being read here and that’s probably enough.

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      Cara Thereon

      It’s been rotting on my hard drive for the last year. I figure you should get to appreciate it. I have a few other stories Ive finished that I’m thinking of posting. No I love as much as this one though.

  2. Kay

    I stumbled across this and deeply enjoyed the ride. Thank you for keeping it here for newbies to savour, even if you may have moved on from it…

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