Who’s the fairest?

Cara through her bathroom mirror

So I’m over here doing this year long story on Patreon, and I get a bright idea. A little background before I carry on.

If you don’t know: I’m writing a very Snow White-esque story (that can be found at story.carathereon.com). It started last month with my aim to post 1 chapter a month on the 15th of every month for 1 year.

Started a Patreon and a few lovely patrons have jumped on board with me. Chapter 1 is live and free for your reading consumption.

Chapter 2 is currently up, if you subscribe.

It got me thinking. A $1 a month doesn’t seem like too much, especially when you consider the cost to produce work that others enjoy. Writing good work isn’t always as simple as sitting down and banging out a few words. As a long time creative, it can be mental trying to put out stories that speak to a certain group of people.

Ponying up your hard earned cash can be difficult. It’s an extended commitment, some people don’t have the money, and some lack the interest needed to invest in a story you can’t read all at once. While I can’t speak to the last one (though if you’re a reader of fanfic, you know what it’s like waiting for a story to post on archiveofourown.org), the other two I can lend a hand on.

I want more people to have the opportunity to read because it’s a story I want to share. That means I’m going to do a contest. Who doesn’t like a contest/giveaway?

If you follow me on twitter, you might have spied the specs for the contest, but I’ll fill you in here.

The Looking Glass Contest:

Starting Thursday, May 23, there will be a question a day on Twitter.

Runs until Sunday, May 26th, with winners announced on Monday May 27th

Questions will pertain to the story with a surprise question thrown in.

Each correct answer gets you one entry.

You can DM answers via Twitter (if we’re friends) or contact form via the blog.

I do ask already subscribed patrons to not participate. I’ll give you nice things (story and possibly an audio reading) for it

There are 2 prizes: one $1 tier access and one $5 tier access up for grabs. I’ll draw names and contact winners with details for access Monday.

Any questions? Easy peasy. I hope a few people play.

Wanna skip game playing and read chapter 2? Well have I got a deal for you. >>>>>>>>>>> Become a Patron!

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