Being Cara Thereon

I am Cara Thereon.

Outside of this space, I am a professional with a life that keeps me busy and crazy and frantic. But here, in this space, I am Cara.

Here, I am a writer, an explorer of my sexuality, a kitten to a man who loves me and treats me with respect. I can be a temptress, a tease, and a little girl from one post to the next. I can have a safe place to explore my kink and talk about the good, bad, and ugly of what I love.

  • I love being spanked
  • I love submitting to a deserving man
  • I love writing
  • I love posing for admirers

I have stories buried in my mind that come to life here. Stories that express how I feel, that spread a fantasy, and that arouse. I can push the boundaries and discover the things that turn me on. Sometimes I even surprise myself with what comes out of my mind.

Story writing and blogging has been part of who I am for over 10 years. I’ve tried to understand myself through this medium and I’m getting better at that as the years gone on. Erotica is my favorite thing to write and an exploration of any tag will bring up something that illustrates my love of writing in general and erotica in particular.

It’s not all serious, sex, and kink around here. I’m silly and playful. I like to get naked as often as I can and wax poetic/political. I love to workout, I love to eat, and I love my Daddy.

About that last one, I’m discovering more and more the amazingness of being loved by a man in a relationship that’s totally unconventional. That relationship is shaping who I am. An independent woman who has a little girl side that I feel safe exploring with my Daddy. I’m learning and growing in this new relationship and I like that it’s becoming something I can talk about on this blog.

I hope to draw people here because of a sexy photo of me and keep them coming back with an amazing story or two. No advice giving or how-tos on submission, just candidness and storytelling.

You can find me rambling on twitter or drop me a line. Aside from that, I’m just here to be Cara, and a little Cara goes a long way.