Whisker Burn

Kyle drummed his fingers on the steering wheel, his eyes darting to the front door, waiting for David to appear.

“Hurry the fuck up,” he grunted, nervous energy and need making him impatient. His skin crawled with barely leashed desire.

He needed inside Dave right now. The tight grasp of the blonde man’s ass around his cock was just too addictive. A week of meeting up hadn’t diminished the need riding him, if anything it was worse. So much worse. And Kyle would invent any lie necessary to get them alone to satisfy that ache.

They’d meet up under some half made up plan to watch a game so Megan didn’t get suspicious, they’d even get as far as to turn it on before they fell on each other. It was a fight every time for who got to fuck who, but they both won in the end. Mm, did they both win.

Some moments were still his favorites. Like yesterday when Dave knelt between his spread thighs. Kyle couldn’t take his eyes off Dave as he swallowed him in one go. Watching his dick disappear between those pale pink lips had reveled scoring with his sister’s best friend in high school. Those big tits had been just as impossible to pass up.

Kyle groaned low at the picture Dave had made, that conflicted passion shimmering in his eyes. Thinking of those baby blues fluttering shut as he moaned and sucked nearly overwhelmed him.

The slight resistance, the denial made it that much sweeter. That need overrode everything and it came down to feeling no matter how much Dave pretended reluctance. They were good together.

Surprisingly, meeting like this made him crave his girlfriend more. Having Dave’s hard body fighting him before it yielded, and then thrusting into the wet clasp of Megan’s pussy satisfied something inside him. He got off on having them both under him.

He glanced at the door as the animal craving flared hot, hardening him to a near painful point. If Dave didn’t get out here soon, Kyle would embarrass them both by fucking him on the street the moment he did appear. Nothing said “I’m into dudes” like two guys rutting in the grass. And while that should’ve bothered him, it didn’t. He figured Dave minded.

Those tendencies had always lurked inside him. Not something he felt any shame about, but he’d only dabbled selectively in college; a few hook ups with one or two willing dudes eased that need. Really he liked topping and fucking them before he sent them on their way. Few guys sent that jolt of awareness through him, but Dave always made him hard.

With his ‘suck me’ lips and sleepy blue eyes, Dave ignited something inside him. There was nothing soft about his best friend, nothing gentle. Kyle liked that someone so big and muscled could melt for him like Dave.

For years Kyle ignored the way his cock jumped when Dave walked in the room. They’d mess around wrestling, and he’d have to cant his hips back so it wasn’t obvious how excited their playing around made him. He didn’t think Dave reciprocated those feelings.

It had been a shock, however pleasant, to feel the tension thrumming through Dave’s body when Kyle touched him that day. Even more so when they’d ended up in the kitchen.

He stopped himself from thinking about that night. He was already too keyed up, and thinking of the sweet sounds of surrender Dave made would have him cumming in his pants. He clenched the steering wheel and sucked in a breath. God, he had it bad. At least on the sexual front. Kyle refused to consider the unidentified emotions simmering inside him.

A tap at the window, and he was peering into Dave’s guileless blue eyes. Just looking at him was a reminder how deep into this they were, how screwed up things had already become. That didn’t stop him from flashing a predatory smile as he lowered the window.

“What’s up, little boy? You need a ride?” Kyle leered at him, his eyes moving along the line of Dave’s body. He looked damn good in those low-slung jeans.

He was a bastard for teasing, but seeing Dave’s lips part and eyes turn stormy was worth it. The huskiness of his voice when he spoke made it worth it as well. “You giving me candy, mister?”

Kyle cupped himself and smirked when Dave’s eyes locked on to the movement. “Plenty of things to suck on, little boy.”

Dave’s expression shifted to a hungry one. He pushed away from the car with a shaky laugh. “You’re fucking ridiculous, dude.”

“Get in the car so we can get going and I’ll quit… For a while.” Dave shook his head as he circled around front and slid in.

“Where we going today, anyway? Taking me on a date?” Hopefulness tinged Dave’s words giving Kyle pause, but he chalked it up to wishful thinking on his part.

He started up the car, pulling away from the curb before speaking. “Nah, I did plan on making us dinner, but I’m hungry for more than food. I’m not sure a restaurant could stand watching us go at it on the table.”

Dave’s bark of laughter filled the car and Kyle shifted in his seat and concentrated hard on driving. “Can’t keep your cock in your pants,” Dave mumbled under his breath. “Where’s Megan at? Don’t you usually spend the night at her place?”

After we fuck? That part was left unspoken between them, no need to say it because it hung like a tangible thing between them. He did usually spend the night at Megan’s after they got together, but she was out with her friends and Kyle wanted to spend time with Dave like normal. Like they used to do. Only with a little messing around to go with it.

“Got the night off.” He shrugged and didn’t say anymore.

The conversation died away after that. He flicked on the radio to something heavy while Kyle weaved through the evening traffic. It was comfortable just being with Dave, no pretension. They knew each other, knew the others likes. It was nice to not have to fill the silence.

Kyle’s excitement spiked the closer they got to his apartment. He practically flew out of the car, ready to drag Dave upstairs and pin him to the floor. The best part was the way his friend raced after him as though he knew exactly what would happen as soon as they burst through the door.

“Are we even going to eat first?” There was no mistaking the laughter and arousal in Dave’s voice as they took the steps two at a time to the second floor of the complex.

“We’ll eat…”

The key slid home without error and Kyle had them inside in a heartbeat. Dave was against the wall before the door closed, going without a fight as they’re lips did their usual aggressive dancing. Kyle pressed full into him, letting the bulge of his erection rub along Dave’s. The rasp of stubble filled the room.

He shoved his hands under the gray t-shirt Dave wore, loving the quiver of muscles beneath warm flesh. They broke apart so he could get rid of the fabric and then placed his mouth around one pale nipple. Dave shuddered as his teeth teased the nub of flesh, then cursed when Kyle sucked hard.

“You evil son of a bitch.” Dave gave a half-hearted growl, his hands diving into Kyle’s hair when he switched to the other nipple. “You motherfucking tease.”

He loved it when he reduced the man to whimpers. Loved the way Dave’s hips rocked, how he tugged at his hair. He couldn’t hold back his smile because he knew the begging would come soon. He let his teeth nip hard, his hands already at Dave’s waist in anticipation.

“Please, damn it. Please, Ky!” His cock jumped at the tug in his hair.

“I got you, man,” he promised as he made quick work of his pants, nudging them to the ground, underwear and all. Kyle lowered himself down until he was eye to eye with Dave’s cock, loving how it twitched under his gaze. “I got you.”

He looked up, Dave tense above him with his eyes shut tight. He grasped the red shaft, wasting no time sliding the wet head between his lips. The dark, tangy taste burst over his tongue and he groaned. He wanted to taste Dave’s cum, wanted to drink that salty river down, sucking him dry.

“Fuck,” Dave hissed out, his hands fisting in Kyle’s hair. The sharp pain brought the pleasure he felt sucking him off into focus.

Tonguing the head, Kyle played along the weeping slit before sucking him deep. Dave’s hips jerking sent him down Kyle’s throat. The grip in his hair kept him from pulling back and he gagged on his girth. He dug his short nails into Dave’s thighs, swallowing around him until the pinch at his scalp eased and he could sit back.

Dave thumped his head against the wall, a touch of sorrow on his handsome face. “Sorry. Your mouth… Your throat… You’re good at that.” He finished in a low voice.

Kyle glared up at him, wiping a hand across his face. “Bend over the arm of the couch. I want that ass.”

For a minute, Kyle thought he’d fight him. The hint of challenge was back in that stormy blue gaze. Kyle wanted the fight, wanted to force him into submission; it made the taking that much sweeter. Adrenaline pumped through his veins at the possibility. He lifted an eyebrow, waiting.

Dave looked powerful standing there. His big body pale and nude, glowing in the low light of the hall. His dick gleamed with saliva and Kyle felt possessive and hungry by the sight his friend made. Especially since Kyle was still clothed.

“Fuck you, Kyle,” Dave breathed as he pushed away from the wall, marching to the living room and draping himself over the arm of Kyle’s ratty couch.

“Oh no, I’ll be doing the fucking here.”

He tried to stroll, but the jut of Dave’s ass into the air had him ripping open his jeans and moving frantically. Kyle tickled his fingers down Dave’s back as he pumped at his own cock. He parted the round globes and fingered the puckered hole. One finger pushed through the tight sphincter, pumped in and out then another joined it. He scissored his fingers, widening until Dave relaxed.

“You want it gentle?” He choked out, too focused on the twitch quiver of Dave’s body as he finger fucked him. “Tell me!”

“I don’t want gentle, damn you. You know what I want.” Dave pushed back against him, taking another finger with a low groan. “Stop teasing.”

Pumping a few more times, he removed his fingers, watching in fascination as Dave’s asshole closed up. Kyle snatched a tube of lube off the coffee table where he’d left it after jacking to thoughts of Dave last night. He lubed his cock, notched it to the pucker and pushed inside with a hard thrust.

God, yes!

Dave arched back with a sharp cry. Panting beneath him, Dave gripped the couch and glanced over his shoulder. Kyle’s breath caught at the desperation in his eyes. He was sure his eyes looked the same. The hot grip around him made him feel crazy. So tight he couldn’t think straight.

“Fuck me, Ky.”

Begging again. Kyle smiled, dropping his hands to either side of Dave’s hips, ready to give them both exactly what they needed. The withdrawal was slow, painfully so, but when he thrust back in, they both gasped. He pounded into him, snapping his hips, drawing Dave’s cries as their bodies collide.

He threaded his fingers through Dave’s head and pulled it back. He trailed his lips along his throat, licking and biting. “I love fucking you, love that you fight me, love that you can take it. Love, love, love it.”

He punctuated each word with a thrust. Dave accepted each one with gasps of mounting pleasure.

He was close, knew Dave was too by the way he rubbed against the arm of the couch. They’d cum like this, all over each other and the floor. Kyle felt his balls draw up, ready to explode inside this warmth.

Nothing registered except the pleasure and Dave’s body. Not the opening of the front door, not the tread of feet over the carpet, and not the feminine gasp over his shoulder. No, nothing registered above the telling tingle brewing at the base of his spine.

Or nothing did until a loud cry shook him out of his lust and had him looking over his shoulder. Megan stood there totally still, her gaze riveted to the spot where he and Dave joined. The color drained from her face, her eyes darting to his as though searching for an explanation. As if from a distance, he watched her shut her eyes, shook her head, and opened them again.

Kyle froze mid thrust, shock settling like a fog on his brain. “Megan.”

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