Whisker Burn

He closed the door behind them and pressed Meg into it. Her fingers tangled up in his hair, yanking to keep his lips on hers. The need to feel her skin had him slipping his hands beneath her shirt, pushing her bra up her chest so her could fill his palms with her heavy breasts. She groaned into his mouth with every tweak and pinch of her nipples.

A hard pinch sent her head back with a thump against the door. “Oh, God, yes.”

“That’s right, baby, say my name.” He chuckled and nibbled down along her jaw line, loving the way she panted with need.

The smile dropped from his face when she wiggled her hips. His dick ached with the need to be deep inside her, every swivel driving him crazy. He couldn’t see the smug smile on her face, but he’d bet she was wearing one the second he groaned.

As much as he wanted to fuck her hard against the door, Kyle wanted to lay her down and savor her more. He carried her into her bedroom and let her slide down his body, his lips devouring hers in another heated kiss. The moment her feet touched the ground he got rid of her shirt and bra then pushed her so she fell back on the bed.

God, she was gorgeous. Meg’s hair was a haloed mess around her face, her lips swollen and her eyes glazed as she stared up at him. Her breasts shook with each gasping breath and he wanted to touch every part of her until she was imprinted in his mind. He wondered what Dave would say if he were standing there with him. Just the picturing Dave standing there ready to enjoy Meg too made his dick that much harder. He’d watch them fuck, then slid into Dave’s ass, directing the thrust of the other man’s hips into Meg so he controlled everyone’s pleasure. The need for that drew a gasp from him.

That need drove him as he reached to peel her pants from her legs. Her jeans and panties came away easily and he murmured his satisfaction when her legs parted to reveal her pussy to him.

“Wider,” he demanded, kneeling on the carpet so he was level with her body. “That’s a good girl.”

Her cheeks flushed at his words and he smiled at how much she loved him being in control. Pulling her closer, he let his tongue dip between her open lips for his first taste of her in too long.

“Jesus,” she breathed out, her back arching.

Kyle looked up the line of her body, loving the way her beautiful breasts thrust into the air. Her nipples were long and hard and he regretted not attending to them a bit more.

“Play with your tits. Pinch ’em for me.” He whispered against her, sucking her clit hard when she obeyed.

Her thighs tightened and shook around his ears, her pussy gushed on his chin giving him more to lap up and enjoy. He let his teeth graze her lips until she jumped before using his tongue to tease her inner walls. Back up to her clit, he circled round and round, pressing and sucking, listening to her beg.

“Oh, shit. Christ, I’m gonna cum. Kyle, please, please… Let me cum, please?” Meg’s voice wavered as her body writhed under his tongue.

His chuckle was smug, but he couldn’t help himself. It was so damn heady knowing he could make her feel this good. Ah, but she couldn’t cum just yet.

Instead of letting her, he teased some more. He fucked her with his tongue, spearing as deep as he could get. Releasing his grasp on her hip, he spread her cheeks and found the pucker of her ass with his fingers. She tried to scoot back when he pressed the tip of a finger in, but he held her with a hand to her belly and his lips to her clit.

“I would give anything to see David fuck you here.”

Their eyes met as he sank in to the first knuckle and sucked hard. It was there in her eyes, clear as day, that spark that said she wanted it too. She froze for a second before shuddering and groaning her climax. The feeling of her asshole clenching was soo good.

With her release covering his chin, he climbed up her body. She continued to rock beneath him as he kissed her. A single-minded focus drove him and he fumbled to free himself, jerking his head back to cry out in relief as he sank inside her.

Now it was him blaspheming as he lifted her legs up and out, allowing him to slide in a little deeper.  She wrapped so perfectly around him, so warm and wet, he couldn’t pretend to stay in control. The second thrust was hard enough to slam her metal headboard against the wall and every thrust after was a fevered attempt to lose himself in her body.

Meg gave as good as she got, moving her hips to meet each thrust with an energy that excited him. That she met his appetite with one as wild made him was what always brought him back to her. Her passion was consuming. And as she came around him, he marveled at her.

How was he going to walk away?

The pain of the thought followed him as he spilled everything inside her warmth.

David resisted driving to Megan’s house, even went so far as to drive to the opposite end of town to the rundown roadhouse. It was a waste of gas because he turned right back out of the parking lot and drove where is mind and body wanted him to go.

Anxiety and dread had solidified like lead bricks in his belly, his father’s phantom words stirring so much. For once he pushed it back instead of letting it poison him. It was wearing him down living under the weight of that hate.

David should’ve been fretting about her letting him back afire the way he fled earlier, but he knew she’d overlook it. He needed to talk to her about what happened earlier, maybe tell her the other shit on his mind. Really what he needed was a little acceptance. His heart told him Megan would give him that in this moment.

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