Milk and Cream

How’d we even get here? *shrug*

He thrust into her cunt hard enough that she squealed. A thick stream of milk shot from her nipples into the canister, stirring the frothy liquid already collected.

“What a good little HuCow.” His callused palm caressed her bare ass once before smacking it hard as he fucked into her again. “I know you got a bit more milk for me. Be good and I’ll give you some cream.”

She couldn’t believe the noise she made when he said that. Her mind fluctuated between pleasure and horror as her body continued to respond to his. She tried pulling against the stock holding her head and hands in place, but her struggles were halfhearted at best.


He spanked her hard in quick succession. She whimpered and wiggled back into his pistoning cock.

“What do HuCow girls say?” he squeezed her engorged breast until she squirted milk, her cunt spasming.

“Moo,” came her breathy reply.


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