Whisker Burn

I’ve been anxious about my writing, or rather my lack of writing, so I’m challenging myself to write something everyday this week. It’s not block so much as a combo of laziness and disinterest. That’s a scary couple right there. I’ve decided to try adding to this poor tale that’s been plagued by the diabolical duo and honest block. A little help from #MM to move me. The start… Head to the A Taste tab to catch up.

Dave lay still in the bed after Kyle left him. The need to get up and clean himself was pushed down by the wave of self-pity cloaking him. It sapped what little strength he had, leaching away the other heavy emotions and leaving him exhausted. The burn in his eyes and the weight in his chest refused to abate so he lay there, letting sex fill his lungs and their mingled cum dry on his skin.

Everything overwhelmed him. Whispered voices floated in his head; Megan’s anguished words, Kyle’s last words as he left…

It was too much. Between the constant turmoil and weeks of shitty sleep, his brain just couldn’t take anymore. Exhaustion won out and he slipped into sleep.

Anything except dreamless, David was immersed in misn’t warmth. He knew, he knew that Kyle was there filling his dreams. In a blur they came together as always, hard and fast. David wanted to have control, but even in this state he yielded to the other man.

On his back, in a bed not his own, David floated on bliss. Kyle straddling his hips, gripping their engorged cocks together in his hand, rocking and rubbing in that perfect motion that would send them both soaring.

Kyle controlled their pace as always. He placed a hand on David’s thigh to still him and lifted his hips so his cock slipped up, causing the heads to rub just right. David could only jerk and moan at the sensation, the impossible friction that caught that sensitive spot. It was heady and addictive, sexy in the way Kyle held him.

Dark eyes dI’d hold him enthrall in a way that stopped his breath. They spoke things that heated David up. He wanted to be okay, with every glide of their cocks against each other, David wanted to be okay. This felt so good, so damn right to him. Everything…

“I love you, Dave.” The warm affection sent something through him, but it wasn’t Kyle who spoke in his ear. Lips settled over his, blocking out the erotic tableau on Kyle’s face. He’d recognize those lips anywhere…

“Meg,” he whispered against her sweet mouth.

David tried deepening the kiss, tried to move so he could get that slide of Kyle’s cock against his, but it was hard to move.

His father materialized in front of him, that same old sneer twisting his lips. He stared down at him, contempt marring his face, filling David with a familiar dread.

“Always proving me right, aren’t you David? Always knew you were a fairy boy, gagging for some man’s dick up your ass.”

He choked on that dread, choked until he released it in a sob that tore him from his sleep.

Curling on his side, he pushed it all away. It wanted to swallow him up until he disappeared, but he wouldn’t let it. He wouldn’t drown in this anymore.

Rolling out of bed, David pushed the pain down as he stumbled into the bathroom. He took a moment to clean himself up, knowing he needed to do it in order to gather his wits. Pulling on the clothes he’d discarded on his way in, he barely gave himself a chance to secure the apartment before he left. His mind was focused on finding a way to rid himself of the demons.

He needed relief before it killed him.

It was easy to hop in the car and drive the moment he stormed out of Dave’s house. Kyle wanted to run from the emotions, the problems, mounting around him. The streets were a blur as he drove, hands white knuckled on the wheel and mind roiling enough to make his stomach knot.

Why could it never be easy?

His life had been a long serious of shitty events. From the constant moving at an early age, to the way guys would pick on him in at school for his long hair and accent. The skinny kid from the south in a California school. It was always a fight or a tragedy in his life with the tragedies out numbering the fights, only Dave knew how much. He just stopped himself from slipping into the past by refocusing on the road. The death grip on the wheel relaxed when he realized where he’d let the car lead him.

Meg’s house sat at the far end of the cul de sac. The neighborhood was quiet, with more kids under ten than any other part of their farm town. He’d been proud of her when she bought it a year ago, loving the glow on her face at her own slice of the American Dream. She’d never looked sexier. He’d fucked her on the beige carpet after she got the keys to honor the day  

The small, two bedroom-two bath was perfect for her. It fit Meg so well and she’d busted her ass to make it livable. Even from the outside it reminded him of her. Petite, but so pretty you couldn’t help noticing.

She fit to him so nicely from the fIrish time he pulled her into his arms. Kyle realized how stupid he was for letting things end up this way. Only an asshole did what he’d done to her without thinking about how she’d feel. He’d been trying to justify it for weeks now, but it didn’t change facts. He’d fucked up so bad with the girl he loved. The fact that he’d never managed to tell her made it worse.

Where did that leave him with Dave? The feelings were as deep as what he felt for Meg. The ache in his chest from the chasm just as intense. He didn’t know shit about loving one person let alone two, but like a slap in the face there was his truth.

Kyle needed them both. He loved them both.

Awash in both the relief and misery of it, he shut off the car and sat in her driveway staring at her window. The thought that he had no idea how to fix this, if it was even fixable, made his gut clench in pain. He was broken and the two people he needed couldn’t fucking stand him. For a second, he wonder if he was going to be sick all over the car.

He closed his eyes and pressed his forehead to the steering wheel and tried to catch his breath.

A sharp knock on the windows pulled him out of his anxiety. His head swiveled and his eyes clashed with Megan’s. He couldn’t quite read her expression through the tinted glass and he needed to see her. Rolling down the window, he breathed in the night air and the light scent of her perfume. The streetlights cast part of her face in shadow, but he could still see the rapid flicker of emotion on her face. Sadness and anger warred before she finally settled on one.

“What the fuck are you doing here, Ky?” She crossed her arms under her breasts, pushing them up so they pressed against the thin fabric of her shirt. His eyes dropped and lingered over the swells before lifting his gaze back to hers.

She had no idea how enticing she was, anger pulsing around her like electricity. He wanted to pull her hair out of its messy bun and use it to hold her mouth to his. Kyle wanted to taste the emotion on her lips.

“Kyle.” There was a definite warning there, but it was so soft. It only made him ache from the undercurrent of the something else he heard. “Why are you here?”

He expelled a breath, closing his eyes to search for an answer. “I don’t know. Dave and I had an…” He faltered over their parting moments earlier. “An argument and I just started driving and ended up here.”

Opening his eyes, he saw the grim set of her face. “Meggie…”

Her hand shot out in a flash, leaving a sting across his cheek before he had a chance to take a breath. Shock danced over her face then disappeared behind the anger. She squeezed her hand shut and laid her fist over her heart.

“Don’t. Don’t call me that.”

He let the heat of her slap absorb into his skin. No anger flared at the lingering sting, instead he held her gaze and tried communicating with his words.

“I’m a bastard for hurting you.” Slipping from the car, he went to his knees in the dark in front of her. “I deserve your anger and more.”

Meg took a step back, her body trembling. “Get off the ground, Kyle, and go home.”

“I can’t. I need you, Meggie. I love you.” He placed a hand on her hip, pleading with her to listen.

Her gasp filled the night between them. “You can’t hurt me like that and then say those words expecting it to be better. You can’t, you can’t, you can’t.”

Her words ended in a scream that wrenched his heart. He bowed his head knowing he was going to lose her, that knowledge made him double over in pain.

Kyle heaved to his feet and leaned back against his truck. Swallowing all the pain threatening to choke him, he tried to summon the courage to walk away.

“I’m sorry, Meggie. I’m so damn sorry.”

He couldn’t resist one last kiss. His body couldn’t do anything except lean toward hers and gather her close. The fact that she didn’t resist spoke volumes, but he focused on this last touch. Fitting against him, snug as always, their lips connected in that familiar way. She melted into him and opened her lips before he even asked, allowing his tongue to dip in to touch hers. It was a sweet kiss that deepened so fast that he couldn’t stop it. He needed her and he wanted to tell her with his every breath.

The way she surrendered to the kiss was his undoing. Before he realized his intentions, he was lifting her so her legs slung around his waist and carrying her into the house, her moans spurring him on.

He’d let her go, just not yet. Not yet.


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      Cara Thereon

      This poor story. I haven’t touched it in over a year I think. I saw the prompt and it brought my mind back to this so I appreciate the help. I wish I could’ve made it sexier, but it got me through an angsty part. Thanks for the help!

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