Legend Told

This is the story of the box.

A truth or folk lore, it has roots in ancient Aztec history. Discovered by a small enclave of Coixtlahuaca on a hunting expedition, the natives were captivated by the discovery. The box was decorated with raised swirls and lines that glowed red when touched. They couldn’t open it even with its seemingly simply design.

Their leader, Yooko, planned to continue on, going so far as to command the party to depart when something strange occurred.

Native writings report that Yooko had taken two steps into the forest when he was seized by an unseen force. He turned back to the box, sliced his hunting knife along the center of his palm, and pressed it on the top of the box.

The reaction was instantaneous. Words and light emanated from his mouth. His men stared as the image of a panther was superimposed over him. A roar replaced the light and words, sending the men back in fright.

The image faded, leaving Yooko shaken and different. He was physically bigger, large muscles bulging where the man was slight only moments before the transformation. His eyes glowed the yellow-gold of the panther and his teeth gleamed sharp and white in his mouth.

“Kneel to your king.” His voice had deepened to an unrecognizable timber.

He demanded and they obeyed. The thing possessing Yooko wasn’t looking for a simple bended knee.

Stalking the circle of men surrounding him, Yooko reached his second in command, Tlayolotl. With a firm hand to Tlayolotl’s neck, Yooko forced his the man’s face into the dirt. A strange energy passed between the two men, an energy that seemed to mask them in a haze.

When the haze cleared, Tlayolotl’s head was thrown back. His mouth hung slack and eyes closed, a look of hunger softening his usual stoic features. The way he dug his knuckles into the clay dirt told the story of what was happening behind him.

Yooko, seething with pulsing energy, fucked Tlayolotl with barely restrained violence. It was primal, the grunts of both men filling the forest as the other men remained kneeling in awe.

The way Yooko’s body ripples, akin to the taut muscles of a big cat devouring its prey, drew every eye. He was a conquering king and the vacant stare of passion quickly consuming Tlayolotl told all. Noises of sex, skin slapping and groans roiling like thunder, echoed loud. None noticed the way the box grew in size, its sides bulging in time to the pounding rhythm.

A animal growl issued forth from Yooko, deadly and loud. He leaned forward and sank sharp teeth into the bared neck of Tlayolotl, burying deep in muscle and tendon. Blood trickled in slow rivulets down his chest to the ground below.

This bite set off a chain reaction. Tlayolotl came with a loud cry, his cock spilling great gluts of ejaculate that mixed with his blood beneath him. Yooko released Tlayolotl’s neck and howled into the sky above. The box heaved and exploded with a loud boom, sending a cloud of white into the open space.

As the story is retold, the men came to and found themselves standing in the presence of a panther holding another in a mating grip. They disappeared into the forest together, dots of blood trailing after them.

The men felt the presence of something different inside them after that moment. Something that constantly drew them into the forest. Even after they returned home, empty-handed and trembling, their families said they behaved differently. They too had grown bigger and some had eyes that glowed. Aggressive, insatiable, and violent… animals.

One by one they began disappearing into the trees. The story ending in a mystery that has since been rendered folk lore.

It was destined to remain lore, until the day a group of present day archeologist stumbled upon a box while on exhibition. One with raised swirls and lines that glowed red the moment it was touched.

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      Cara Thereon

      I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out as the first line was the prompt for the whole piece. I’m glad it satisfied

  1. Posy Churchgate

    Cara – you really captured that ‘oral storytelling’ style with this, and it was so intriguing a plot, and your writing cleverly spare! I agree with Elliott – one of your best I’d say!

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      Cara Thereon

      Thank you! I appreciate the compliment. The first line was one I saw on twitter and it actually kicked things off me.

  2. Kayla Lords

    Wooooooooow. As you often do, you took my breath away with this one. I felt like I could feel the throbbing/pulsing of blood and heartbeats and desire all at once. So fucking good.

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  3. Molly

    Wow, what an amazing story. I love the idea of dirty folk tales and this is definitely that. Your writing is so strong in this piece, you can completely visualize this story from what you have written


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