Nice and easy

She drapes herself over his lap, adjusting so her bottom points up the way he likes.

A hand grips the back of her neck to press her lower until she’s tipped nearly all the way over. She pressed her cheek to the floor, her feet spreading to brace as she grasps his calf.

The way his hand holds her down while the other caresses the skin around her waist. It traces down her spine and back up along the globe of her ass. Down her thigh, tickling her skin and raising goosebumps.

“Have you been good, Cara?”

She trembles at his question, the words spoken softly hold a wealth of command. She answers because he expects it.

“Always, Sir.”

The crack of his along the left cheek pulled a cry of surprise from her. A trickle of wetness slips from her body and his fingers found it unerringly.

“I’m not sure I believe you.”

She presses her forehead to the floor and swallows as he thrusts slowly into her body. The need for more has her hips wiggling in seconds. It only invites another hard smack on the other cheek.

“I was bad,” she gasps out. “I didn’t do the chores you asked me to.”

Another delicious smack

“Then I guess I’ll have to give you a harder beating than I’d already planned.”

Her eyes close in pleasure at the coming pain.

“Thank you, sir.”



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