When you’re tired from work, you take today’s #storyin12 and turn it into a 100 word drabble to maybe shake off the fatigue.

She loved playing the schoolgirl, knowing patent leather made him unbelievably hard.

Her starched white blouse tied under her breasts so the curve of her belly showed, the plaid skirt that barely covered her ass.

“Come closer.”

The skirt moved against her thighs as she neared his chair, her shoes tapping on the floor. His eyes moved along her body, conjuring images of the way his fingers would soon touch her.

She stopped within touching distance, close enough she almost felt his breath on her stomach.

He gestured and she lifted her skirt.

“This.” He tapped her cunt. “Is mine.”

Be my motivation?

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  1. Elliott

    I loved your ‘storyin12’ and I love your drabble! Nice to see you doing 100 word flash, brings back memories. I’m buying you a cuppa for old times sake.

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