In times of uncertainty 

Funny times we live in, huh? 

You wonder if it’s a precursor to something or the beginning of a change (good or bad) that’s been long in coming. 

I’m struggling a bit with my weight, writing, starting a new job. I’m unsure if I like where I am or if I need to start something different soon. 

As it is, I have to keep moving I guess.

Hopefully I remain safe in this current political storm. 

Hopefully I find satisfaction in my career again 

Hopefully, I start treating my body better 

Hopefully I make a decision on what I want to be or do. 

Hopefully my desire to write returns

A new tattoo? A new piercing? A new me? Who knows. 


  1. Aku

    Whatever you decide to do, so long as it’s for you and no one else, that’s all that matters.
    On a personal level, a lot of what you’ve said, well it echoes what I imagine many of us feel sometimes and I know I do – heck the writing and weight issues things I totally get.
    But as someone whose been battling the bulge a while now (and I don’t mean the pleasant kind that your blog elicits from some of its readers), you have little to worry about because if your recent pics shared here are anything to go by, you look really good.
    Try not to be so hard on yourself, like so many things in life, I’m sure this too will pass and you’ll be in a better place before you know it.

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