Pragmatic dreams 

Lynn descended another level into the depths of the building, unsure what she’d find. 

A woman stood proud in the center of the bare room. People with their faces turned to the ground poured around her, exiting as quickly as they could down to the next floor.

She stood to the side, out of sight for fear she’d be caught spying. The activities on the other floors were such that she knew if they saw her she’d be forced to participate. 

It was impossible to ignore the woman’s beauty. Clad in a skin tight uniform, her pose would’ve been military perfect if not for the sultry smile on her face. The air was heavy with an ominous tone that made the hair on the back of Lynn’s neck stand on end. 

Clinging to the wall, she watched as the woman moved toward a large, opaque tube at the back wall. Something big bumped the tank and Lynn had to stifle the urge to scream. The woman faltered a step, but carried on with a poise that was impressive. 

The cylinder opened revealing a man he leaned out with a grunt. Lynn recoiled, quickly revising her assessment. Not a man so much. He – and she could only ascertain that from the large phallus dangling from between his tree trunk thighs – was a sickly greenish gray color and covered with red pockmarks that marred his face the worst. He drew in a breath as the woman neared and the way his chest expended, ribs expanding like gills, made Lynn cringe. 

“I’ve… I’m here to help you.” 

Her voice shook. There was no diguishing her uncertainty. Lynn wanted to run to her and drag the woman away. Before she could even inch forward, the creature pulled the woman into the chamber. 

The terrible sound of fabric rending filled the air and with it the woman’s screams. Lynn wanted to look away, but couldn’t look away from the sight of the thing pinning the now nude woman to the opaque glass. He bared his black teeth at her before kneeing her thighs apart. 

It was brutal to watch and hear. Lynn trembled each time he rammed into the woman and dug her nails into her palms with each scream. 

When the creature wrapped a huge fist around the woman’s throat, pulling her down tighter with each thrust and cutting off her oxygen, Lynn finally broke and looked away. She tucked herself further back in the corner and prayed the other woman survived. 

Lynn knew the moment he came. It was with a loud, floor shaking roar that seemed to rattle her bones. 

There was but a moment of silence before a low slurping sound came to Lynn’s ears. She opened her eyes as the creature tossed the woman out of the chamber. 

The woman’s body slid across the floor and landed within a few feet of Lynn. The woman’s vacant eyes stared back at her and Lynn had to swallow back the vomit that raced up from her stomach. 


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        Cara Thereon

        The good old days? Hahaha. It’s a dream I had the night before. I was having a bunch of wacky dreams that night. Even with that as inspiration, it still took me all day to get the story out

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