Whisker Burn

Another story that feels like my baby. It won’t let me alone so I pick it up occasionally to add to it. 

Laughter filled the room as David wove through the bar to get back to his date. Her eyes lit up when he came into view and his dick stood up when she leaned. Her double Ds were spilling out of her dress in the most inviting way and he was calculating how exactly to get her out of her clothes. It was way past time to seal the deal with this girl and get her on her back. 

He slid into the booth beside her, setting both their drinks down so he could pull her against his side. All that beautiful flesh seemed to melt into him as he pushed her hair aside to nibble on her ear. 

“Did you miss me, baby?” David let his fingers tickle her bare inner thigh. “Hope I wasn’t gone too long.” 

She laughed, her breasts pressing into his arm, communicating a message he received loud and clear. “I was able to keep myself occupied while you were gone.” 

“Were you?” He pressed his lips against her neck and let his fingers move further up her thigh, which she parted easily for him. 

“I was.” She squeezed the crotch of his pants, making his dick jump at her touch. “I thought about how much fun you’ve been tonight and how much more fun you could be.” 

David felt the tension release on his zipper just before her warm hand found his cock. She gripped him in that perfect hold that threatened to scramble his brain. He was in danger of pushing her down on the booth and fucking her brains out if they didn’t get out of there soon. He lifted his hips as she pumped him slowly. 

“How about I show you how much fun I can be right now?”  

He took her breathy gasp as agreement. Zipping up with a grunt, he pulled her out of the booth and propelled them through the crowd. He hopped he’d be enough of a gentleman to get her home, but there was no promise of that at this rate. 

They barely made it out of the club before he was pressing her against the brick wall and seeking entrance into that hot mouth of hers. She opened for him, her tongue darting out to meet his, then retreating so he could taste her. He let his hands slide up her legs straight between her thighs.  

“No panties?” He groaned when he felt how wet she was, her pussy parting as easily as her lips to welcome him inside. 

She laughed and spread her legs wider. “I wanted to be ready for anything.” 

He kissed her harder at that, taking control of her mouth as he fucked her with his fingers. She grew wetter with each thrust of his hand, her hips gyrating and seeking her satisfaction. David sucked on her lips and sought her g-spot, enjoying her moan when he found it. 

“You gonna to come for me?” He breathed into her ear. He stroked her hard, pushing her closer and closer to the edge. 

“Fuck,” she panted out. “God, yes.” 

“I’m going to fuck you right against this wall.” She shivered when he gritted those words out. “Come for me.”

David felt her flutter around his fingers, his other hand reaching to unfasten his jeans. His mind was fixed on being deep inside her right this second. She’d wrap around him like a tight fist, those fat lips kissing the base of this cock when he bottomed out inside her.  

“David. Oh, God, I’m…” Her words were lost as her body exploded. 

He gripped her ass hard, holding her to him, feeling those muscles clenching as she cried out. He hitched her legs up on his hips, positioning her body exactly where he needed her. Rubbing up and down, he wet his cock preparing to thrust and feel the grip of her around him. A stray thought stopped him from completing the action. 

David was bombarded by thoughts of Kyle. He could practically feel his best friend behind him, watching, touching him in a way that cranked his pleasure to obscene levels. This wasn’t the first time his mind fixated on Kyle during the act, but it was especially vivid in this moment. 

His cock gave a hard jerk at the thought of Kyle pressing into him from behind, fucking David while he fucked his date. Just thinking about spurned him into action, and he was thrusting as hard as he could into her shuddering body. 

She cried out at his roughness. He rutted into her, he knew he was hurting her, but couldn’t get his mind to slow down enough to care about gentleness. He wanted to come, needed to in order to stop the way his thoughts turned over and over toward his best friend. 

“Fuck me, David.” She chanted in his ear, obviously getting off on the pain. 

He barely heard her. Everything in him was focused on the wet grip of her cunt and the image of Kyle fucking him. When she dug her nails into his back, he lost his grip on his body. He barely had enough foresight to pull out of her, spraying jizz on her thighs and mons instead. 

David’s mind was a mess. He leaned his head on the brick wall just over her shoulder, too upset to understand what was going on with him. It was happening more and more often, these moments where thoughts of Kyle fucking him seeped into his brain. 

His date… What was her name again? 

“Sarah, I’ve gotta go.” He stepped away from her quickly, unable to even be near her. “I’ll give you a call sometime.” 

Then he was walking away from her as quickly as he could manage, not catching her protests. He was a douchebag for dipping out and leaving her like trash, but there was no way he was going to be able to look her in the eye knowing it was only the thought of Kyle that made him fuck her like a madman. 

Only the thought of Kyle that got him off. 


  1. Nick

    I’m sure his mind could have been diverted with a nicely lubed finger, Or 3.

    A stern pegging sounds like a viable option, too:-) Can anybody help him with this?

    1. Post
      Cara Thereon

      I’m sure it could’ve been but something tells me his issues are a wee more complicated than that

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