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He pulled her across the room by her hair, yanking some of the dark strands out by the root. The pain was breath stealing, rippling along nerve ending still tingling from the rush of her climax. She let herself be taken, her hands barely gripping at the large one pulling her. Need had made her careless and she’d pay with her life. 

They reached the far side of the room, the  cleanest spot in the carnage. A large window took up one whole corner; the light of the morning sun causing the blood to gleam. Their feet cut through the red liquid like a trail for a hunter to follow to track prey. She felt like prey headed to her slaughter. 

He pushed her down to the floor, forcing her to kneel and press her cheek to the cold glass. Even as she looked out over the dew covered lawn, the chill of the morning seeping into her front, she felt him behind her. He was a wall of heat, the blood and human carnage that decorated his body wet her clothes as he pressed into her back, his cock a heavy bar against her bottom. Even as fear coiled in her gut, the bloodlust rolling of him brought her dimmed need roaring to life. 

The scrape of his stubbled jaw against her cheek sent more sensations skittering through her. “Don’t you know what I am, little succubus?” 

“Rage, violence.” She swallowed hard as his lips brushed her ear. “Death.” 

His chuckle rumbled in his chest, vibrating her whole body. “And you still came to feed from me? You’re either stupid or very brave.” 

“Stupid,” she gasped out as he tore the seam of her shorts. 

He exposed her lower half, covering her cunt with his big hand before the chill of the room could touch her. She shuddered as he plunged two thick fingers deep insider her, his other hand closing around her nape to hold her when she would have arched back. 

“Very stupid then.” His chuckle was dangerous as he fucked her with his hand. 

The wet squelch of her body was embarrassing in the otherwise quiet room. She was torn between fear and unbelievable arousal as he held her captive against the glass. It was impossible to subdue her whimpers, caught as she was. She knew he wanted them, wanted to use her pleasure against her before he dismembered her slowly. 

Spasms gripped her suddenly as her mind flashed through images of him ripping out her heart while her fucked her cunt. Her body drunk on lust even as she breathed her last. She cried out, unable to stop herself from clenching around him as the images dissipated from her mind’s eye. 

The monster behind her growled, yanking at her hips back and impaling her on his cock in one smooth thrust. 

She was impossibly wet, but the size of him filling her pushed the breath from her lungs. His cock couldn’t be half in and she was already full to the brim, overwhelmed by him. Her fingers scrabbled for purchase on the smooth glass and her cunt gave a painful quiver around him. Before she could find the air to pull into her chest, he was withdrawing and plunging back in. She found herself facedown on the carpet, gore and the fabric of the weave digging into her cheek. 

“Take all of me, little succubus. I’m going to stuff you full.” He lifted her hips higher as he pressed down on her head. 

Her knees parted wider and he took the space to shove deeper. His fingers clawed her hips until she felt the rivulets of blood running down her thighs. And when he bottomed out inside of her, his groan of pleasure was animalistic. When she would’ve reared up, his hand kept her rooted to the ground like a chain. 

He leaned over her back, his lips brushing her ear as he held himself inside her. “I’ll take you like bitch in heat, fuck your poor little body until it gives out. Then when you’re broken under me, I’ll fuck your pretty mouth as I crack open your chest.” 

A broken whimper fell from her lips as he battered her body intent on fucking her within an inch of her life. As his lust blossomed so did the need in her. It couldn’t be denied even in the face of her own demise, she sucked up the force of his energy and grew drunk on it. With him embedded impossibly deep, him splitting her painfully wide, she felt her body soften. 

He growled low as he felt her give. “Cum on my cock. Cum on my cock like the good little succubus you are.” 

It hit her like a freight train, rolling through her and seizing every muscle in its awake. Her mouth opened wide on a soundless cry as she came hard. She shook and rolled her hips, crying out each time she gripped at his cock. He simply held her down and plowed her through it, intent on wrecking her. The force of him, the energy rolling off of him in waves, prolonged her climax into one long wave pummeling her. 

He picked up his pace behind her, the slapping of their bodies explosive in the room. He’d devolved around her, his human disguise thinning as he pressed her into the carpet. She felt him grow impossibly large inside her, stretching her to the point of pain. Then he exploded with a roar that shook the rafters as he released into her body. He slammed into her hard with each jerk of his hips as though he truly sought to plant himself deep inside her. 

She absorbed it all. The searing warmth of his come and the overload of his lust. It filled her, pushing her into another orgasm as he overflowed her body. He remained hard inside her even as his cock gave its last jerk. 

There was no enjoying it long, the second’s quiet after the storm. He pulled her up against his chest, his clawed hand fisted around her throat. She melted against him too full to protest what came next. 

“And shall I end you now?” His murmured against her cheek. “Take my form of satisfaction as I slit your throat and drank your blood?” 

She simply gasped as his grip tightened, cutting off her air inch by inch. Her vision dimmed around the edges and she let her eyes keep to the horizon. 

He canted his hips away and then back, plunging into her even as he stole her life. Fitting for her to die like this; drunk on lust and freshly fucked. Her mouth opened and closed, desperately seeking air and knowing it wouldn’t come. 

“Or maybe,” he began as he pushed her forward into the glass. “Maybe I’ll keep you. Hurt you all the ways I like and then some. Would you like that? I know I would.” 

He slid in deeper with those words and she shuddered in a breath as he gave her air. With her face once against pressed to the glass, she knew he controlled her life now. 


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    Wow!! I thought I missed something at the party with Hunter. Then I became captivated by where this was going. Such a descriptive taking of the woman along with her lust to be taken. Well written, titillating, sexy and powerful.

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