Her body twitched

Tell me your deepest fears and I’ll make it reality.”

Karen passed the game box back to Luke, shaking her head. She’d already let him talk her into coming into the old, abandoned Payten mansion, she didn’t want to do any more scary stuff.

“I don’t want to play. I hate stuff like this.”

“It’s not real. It’ll be fun to play, babe.” He grabbed her hand, linking their fingers together as he opened the top. “I’ll protect you, promise.”

None of her reluctance dissipated. Not until he leaned in and kissed her. His tongue probed at her lips and she parted them, moaning softly when his tongue played with hers.

“Just one game and then we’ll head back to mine.”

His fingertips eased down along the seam of her tights, pressing at her clit until her head fell back. She’d agree to just about anything if he’d just keep touching her.

“Okay. Just…” she gasped when he pressed again. “Just one game.”

She expected him to sit back. No, he was determined to keep her mind on what came after. He leaned back just enough to hand her the game and slide his hand down the front of her leggings.

It took her a moment to concentrate on what the game said.

“Take me out, hold me in your hand. Tell me your deepest fear and I’ll make it reality. And if you survive? You’ll live to play another day.”

His fingers teased her clit as she tried to read. He nibbled at her ear, his hot breath adding another element of sensation to the moment.

“Luke, I don’t know.”

“Come on, babe.” He dipped his fingers down to her opening, pressing inside before returning to her clit. “You can do it.”

“Spiders. I hate spiders.” She tossed the console down, missing the way the word spider lit on the screen before disappearing.


The up down, round and round of his fingers on her clit made her hips gyrate on the dusty floor. His brushed feather light kisses on her jaw and collarbone as she pinched her nipple through her shirt. She squeezed her eyes shut as the orgasm seemed to bubble to the surface and swamp her. Shifting in his arms, she clung to him as her body spasmed.

“Please, Luke, I can’t wait until we get back.”

She opened her eyes to see two large red ones staring back at her. Her slowing heart rate picked back up as she realized Luke’s face had morphed into the gaping maw of a large black spider. Fear seized her so completely she failed to move as multiple sets of hairy black legs closed around her.

“Luke,” she screamed, pushing at the shifting body under her hands. “Luke.”

The pinch of something at her throat paralyzed her completely, halting what little movement she had. That maw opened a little wider, revealing dripping black ichor that oozed out. Quick as lightning, it struck, removing Karen’s head from her body. Her body twitched from the toxin it had injected into her.

When it was done, it wrapped her still squirming body in thick webbing and carried it to some hidden portion of the house.


Luke walked into the room, searching for her. He crossed to the abandoned game and picked it up.

“Where did she go? I shouldn’t have let her go off by herself.”

He left before the skittering of feet reached his ears.

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  1. missy

    Oh this gave me the creeps and is one of my worst nightmares. I did actually have a nightmare of something similar when I was 17 and I have never forgotten it. Having said that this was brilliantly written and executed and so I enjoyed it as a piece of wroting even if the content gave me the fear.

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  2. kisungura

    Spider stories always give me the shivers, especially ones where they bind people up and carry them away to be devoured later! I think there’s something so viscerally terrifying about that but so cleverly done here. Great story and clever twist!

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  3. Floss

    Spiders are not a thing in life that bothers me, so I don’t automatically get creeped out when they are mentioned, but goodness me you got me creeped out good and proper! Brilliantly written. Loved it!

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