Still trying to negotiate a blogging schedule. Figured I put up a short story I wrote last week so you’ll feel my presence. The content is a wee bit mature so be advised. I’ll write something sweet and romantic next week.

The sound of metal rattling drew his eyes back to the figure lounging on the bed. Her skin had turned a light pink beneath the handcuffs and the look of barely concealed rage and lust on her face made him smile.

A wave of perverse satisfaction rose up, tightening his cock as he took in her obvious frustration at her position. Any minute now she would beg for it, those pale pink lips would soften and she’d beg for him to fill her. He’d be ready to give her exactly what she wanted as soon as she let go of her pride.

He padded quietly to the bed, glad that the carpet disguised the sound of his approach, praying she wouldn’t hear. Standing by her head, he enjoyed the view of her spread out like a feast. The blindfold covered her midnight blue eyes, but he knew they snapped beneath the pink fabric. The way her breath came in short, excited pants told him the need would win.

The tightly furled bud of her berry-colored nipple called to him. He wanted to reach out and pluck and twist one until it was painfully tight, and then he’d suck it into his mouth. They’d taste as sweet as they looked, sweeter with the sound of her breathy cries echoing in his ears.

Moving around to the end of the bed, he gazed between her splayed thighs. The scent of her, so heady and inviting, filled his nose and wrapped around his mind. Her sweet cream covered her thighs and the lips of her slit. He suppressed a moan at the sight of her darkened to a deep rose and plumped so nicely. He wanted to lick her clean and then plunge into the tight clasp of her, pumping until he filled her with his essence.

Suddenly he couldn’t breathe for want of her.

It still surprised him that she’d allowed him to bind her to the bed, but he found her helplessness and increasing desire intoxicating. She claimed she’d never beg, claimed she was stronger than her desires. And while she’d withstood the first assault of his teeth, lips, and tongue he knew she would cave now.

Shedding his clothes, he moved back to her head. She’d turned toward him, more aware in her blindness after so long with her eyes covered. Her lips parted as though asking for his shaft, and he considered her silent request for too long. Just too tempting.

He touched his finger to her nipple and she arched. Excellent, he thought as he watched her pant. She whimpered when he ceased contact, moving instead to trace her arm from wrist to elbow. Her squirming began in earnest, jiggling her breasts in an effort to draw his touch.

“Tsk,” he chastised as he moved to circle her navel, her muscles quivering under his touch. “You have to ask nicely before you get what you want.”

The stubborn jut of her chin didn’t surprise him. He found it excited him more when she denied what lurked below. Time to bring that submissive to the surface.

He teased along her thighs, his fingers passing close to her slit, causing her hips to undulate as much as her bonds would allow. She hissed when he slid a finger inside, gathering her wetness up so he could bring it to his mouth. He moaned as the tangy flavor exploded over his tongue.

“You taste amazing.” He watched her toss her head from side to side. “Tell me what you need. Ask me nicely.”

“I want…” She swallowed hard. The grinding of her teeth was almost audible. “Can’t you just…”

Her words trailed off as she fought herself.

“Say it and I will.” He leaned down and blew a stream of warm air over her wet flesh.

“Oh, God, please.” The words rushed out on a gasp. “Please.”

He was between her thighs before she could catch her breath. Looping his arms around her thighs, he pulled them wide. She opened like a flower in front of him, heavy with honey and the scent of arousal. His mouth watered in anticipation.

“That’s a good girl,” he breathed as he pressed a kiss to her silky inner thigh. “Now say it again for me.”

He touched his lips to her lower ones in an intimate open mouth kiss as she moaned out her surrender. “Please.”


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  2. Spider42

    Nicely done.
    I don’t read much erotic fiction/erotica/etc and most of what I haev come across tends to either be overly pretentious in trying sound literary or is just flat out meant to be purely arousing and the like – what you’ve got here is a bit different and I appreciate that because the sex and the details and descriptions are not the focus, the reactions, the character dynamic and all are and that makes a world of difference.
    Plus at the end I found myself curious to know what happens next, not only because it is an exciting story and all the obvious, but because their interaction is one you want to suddenly see more of as it’s an enticing dynamic.

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      Cara Thereon

      You’ve just paid me the highest compliment. I have written sex for sex’s sake, but usually the flashes I post (and the basis of many of my novel length pieces) look at the characters or the why of the interaction.

      I’ll never pretend to pull in people who don’t care for erotica, but I hope I write well enough that its easy to see why erotica can be interesting to read. I toned this down a lot! Glad it made you want to continue on. That’s a great response. Thanks. 🙂

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