Little Foot

Cara's feet on a bed in gray scale/sepia

Today’s drabble for the Storyin12. I’m over today, sorry.

My husband thought he hid his fetish behind being stereotypical Vietnamese family running a nail salon. This was about satisfying a craving.

He tried not to be too obvious that he walked around with a massive erecting, but I saw.

There was one customer he had to service, a woman who wore women’s size thirteen shoes. He tripped over himself to serve her, cock straining as she slipped out of her heels.

I watched the sensual way he massaged her sole. He made love with his hands, his hips humping the air as he worked.

He thought she didn’t notice. I always caught the twinkle in her eye as she paid. The way she slid the fifty dollar tip into his front pocket spoke volumes.

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