My blog has gone through many iterations in the 14 years I’ve been blogging. This post is an old one from a long dead site that I just rediscovered. It’s from when I was first discovering what I wanted and when erotic writing was a new endeavor for me. Enjoy it, warts and all.

He liked to believe he wasn’t violent, but the moment she started with those snarky comments his anger spiked. She used that mouth and tongue of hers like a weapon designed just to get a rise out of him, perfectly orchestrated to bring the beast to the surface. Usually he could resist, deny her the satisfaction of knowing she get him right where she wanted him. Tonight he wasn’t as strong.

It started the moment he got home. He could tell her mood by the way she greeted him, the smirk on her face. Her eyes zeroed in on him like lasers and that sharp tongue cut him deep. After a shitty day at work her barbs hit their mark dead on.

What they wanted was different. He wanted slow, gentle, easy. He wanted to whisper his love for her. He wanted to cherish her body with hands and mouth. She wanted him to fuck her so hard her voice went hoarse from screaming. She wanted animal, blood, rutting, and messy sex. Things he was afraid to give her.

He kept a tight leash on the rage that lingered under his skin for a reason. Once he let go, he wanted every last inch of her, taking as the primal anger and lust burnt him up. But once again she pushed and pushed, going until he snapped.

The feeling of her delicate throat as he pushed her against the bedroom wall sent a special thrill through him. Her smile was triumphant and he tightened his grip, delighting in her choked attempts to find her breath. Glad that smile was gone.

Leaning forward, he kissed her hard on the lips. Blood rushed like a drugged cocktail through his veins, engorging his dick. The roar of want so intoxicating.

He kissed her, held her in his grasp until she struggled, and only then did he release her enough to allow those few desperate breaths in. Placing his mouth to her ear, he whispered to the beast that lived in her body. “You want me to fuck you, huh? Straighten your head out by shoving my dick down your throat? You’re going to get exactly what you came for and more, little girl.”

Without releasing his grip, he pulled her from the wall and pinned her to the bed. She put up her play fight again as he ripped away her shirt revealing her bare breasts. They heaved and bounced as she kicked, her efforts earning her a smack across the face. She lay motionless long enough for him to push her skirt up and tear through the fabric of her panties.

He slipped his hand up sideways and sawed back and forth, cupping her cunt as wetness slicked his palm. Holding his fingers up to the light, they both gazed at the evidence of her arousal.

“It seems my cunt is more than ready for me, but that’s not where I want you tonight.” He smeared his wet fingers over her lips, not missing the light of fear in her eyes as he kissed her hard.

It was easy to flip her to her stomach and hold her in place. Hips raised high, pussy wet open, asshole winking. The sight made him growl with need. Collecting more of the wetness dribbling from her, he coated his cock and her hole. She squirmed as though to move away, but a fistful of her long black hair kept her in place. He pulled harder so she rose up and a well placed slap stopped the rest of her wiggling.

Notching the head of his cock, he rubbed his stubble along her cheek, forcing a gasp from her. His head raced as he anticipated the tight, hot cling of her and a mad smile tipped his lips.

“This is going to hurt. But you’ll take it like a good girl and come so hard, won’t you?” He laid a kiss so gentle on her cheek and drove in before she could think to answer.

Her scream, pained and primal, warmed the core of him. Her body clenched and trembled around him, desperate to adjust. Too bad he wasn’t interested in accommodating her tonight.

It was his rhythm to set. Fast, deep, and as punishing as he could make it. This was no porno, every sound she made fed the beast. He wanted her pained moans, the slap of flesh, the squelch of her pussy as she fingered herself. Her hair and hip became his reins as he fucked her into submission.

“Is this what you wanted, love?” He yanked, moved her, dipped deeper into the dark recess of her body. He wanted to penetrate to her core and silence both their beasts. Each word punctuated by the brutal pump of his hips. “Is. This. What. You. Want?”

“Yes!” Her shout vibrated the walls, signaling the end for her as she climaxed beneath him. There was nothing dignified about her screams as he took her ass, nothing but her ecstasy as she clamped hard down around him.

He doubled his efforts. This was punishment, pleasure, an extinguishing of the flames she ignited.

She slumped, her sinking triggering something in him. Her back sweaty, her head bowed, her body subdued went straight to his balls. His cock grew bigger than ever inside of her and he exploded with a shout that was all animal sound. The pump of his cum into her felt endless as though his life flowed out of him in waves. Giving, exhausting, depleting.

As he fell on top of her, he felt that thing inside settle. A longing in her eyes told him her beast rested as well. Quiet for a while longer until she prodded it again.

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      Cara Thereon

      Hahaha. Well, there’s something to be said for revisiting old pieces and finding gems. I guess time lends a little confidence.

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