Monday Child

She was old enough that coming home for the summer seemed like a silly idea. Especially since none of her siblings where home and it meant she’d have to spend it with her mother and step-father.

Her step-father.

Lani gripped the steering wheel as she sat in the driveway of the ranch style house that had been home since she was eight. That was when her mother met Mitch, moving my sisters and his two boys in like one big Brady bunch family. She considered him her Daddy after so many years close to him.

It hadn’t felt like family in years though. Lani’s thoughts toward Mitch had stopped being “family like” when she turned fifteen. She blossomed, and that blossoming brought an awareness that had never been existed. When she’d walked in on him stepping out of shower one more, everything in her body seemed to change.

Her Daddy stopped being the man she looked up to and became the man she fantasized about. The image of him naked before her was the center of many of her mastubatory sessions.

She buried those feelings because it was wrong. To want him was so wrong. Lani sought out boys who resembled him with his dark hair and green eyes, anything to get over the urges that wouldn’t go away.

“It’s just for the summer.” She unclenched her hands from the wheel. “You can handle this.”

Lani would just get in her hours at the diner, bank some cash for school, and set a little aside to go on a trip before the semester started again. The resolution made, she dragged herself and her stuff out of the car and into the house.

Silence greeted her and she released a breath she didn’t know she was holding. She could get settled without worrying about who might be around.

Lugging her stuff up the stairs, Lani dumped her things in her room and began to unpack. Nothing much had changed in the year she’d been away. Old photos and trophies hung on shelves. Some of her clothes still occupied the closet.

She pulled out an old pair of footie pajamas with a bunch of hearts and ponies all over. It had a hold with soft pink ears and one of those flaps that could be unbuttoned for easy use of the restroom.

On some weird impulse, Lani stripped out of her clothes and put the pajamas on. It was a tight fit, her body having developed a lot since the last time she wore the outfit. It was impossible to zip the top closed so her breasts overflowed the top. The flap had long since popped off so she was left with her bottom half visible.

In spite of how ridiculous she probably looked, she felt like a little girl again as she pranced around the room with the hood up. It was nice to be carefree for a moment after the stress of the school year. She clicked on her old stereo and lost herself in being a silly little girl for a moment.

She was bent over, shaking her bottom and giggling when the music suddenly stopped. She glanced over her shoulder and froze.

“Welcome home, Lani.”

Mitch was across the room, gaze bouncing from her naked bottom to her wide eyes. Lani realized the view he was truly getting in this position. Her ass was tipped up and her pussy was on display. His look was nowhere near the friendly, fatherly one he usually gave her.


“I’m glad you’re home, babygirl.”

His voice even sounded different. So much deeper than normal. The sound went straight to her cunt and made her squirm.

“I haven’t seen that outfit in a long time.”

Heat crept up her face at the way he was looking at her. Was she imagining all this? She’d been with enough boys to know what lust looked like. Her eyes dropped to the fly of his jeans to see his cock tenting the material.

She told herself she should stand up, reminded herself that those feelings she kept buried shouldn’t come out. This was wrong, but she couldn’t stop herself from spreading her thighs. Her promise to herself to evaporated as the need for him overwhelmed all sense.

His quick inhale would’ve been missed if she hadn’t been so focused on him.

“I was just relaxing.” She arched her back. “Pretending, Daddy.”

He took a step closer to her. “What were you pretending?”

“I was pretending…”

Lani hand slipped down between her thighs to find her clit. It was so hard beneath her fingertips. She wet her fingers between her lower lips and lifted her back to her clit. His eyes followed every movement.

“What, babygirl? Tell Daddy what you were pretending.”

“I was pretending I was your special little girl.” She moaned softly and pinched her clit. “That you bathed me, and clothed me, and made me a big girl.”

“Lani.” Was it a warning or a promise?

He had inched closer so he was behind her, watching as she fucked her fingers.

“I want to be a big girl, Daddy. I think about you filling each of my little holes. My mouth, my ass, and my cunt full of my Daddy’s come.”

“I can’t, Lani.”

Even as he said it, even as he protested her words, he was standing behind her. She watched as he undid his fly, pulling his cock out.

“I can’t, Lani.”

He repeated the words, this time less convincing as he laid his cock on her bottom. It only settled there for a second before he was seasawing it along the crack of her ass. She quivered beneath him, partly from having him so close and for how close she was to coming.

“Please, Daddy. Please make me your big girl.”

When he stepped back, Lani groaned her disappointment. It was short lived as in the next moment he was swatting away her hand so he could finger her pussy.

“If you want to be a big girl, then you have to take Daddy’s cock in one go.”

He was lining himself up and thrusting in before she could even think to ask what he meant. It made her squeal to be breached so fast, and then groan as he gave her little time to accommodate.

“That’s Daddy’s girl.” He gripped her hips in a punishing hold. “I’ve been wanting this for a long damn time and plan on giving you all of it.”

Lani couldn’t process the meaning of his words as he fucked her like a man possessed. His hand found a way down the front of her pjs to pinch, pull and squeeze her nipples. He leaned over her, whispering dirty things in her ears as he took what she offered.

Dirty girl

Daddy’s little fuck toy

Tight, little cunt

Grip Daddy’s cock

Take it all like a good girl.

“I’m going to full my babygirl’s pussy up.” He growled in her ear. “And you’re coming to come on my dick, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy. Yes.” She cried out

She buried her face in her bedspread, screaming her pleasure as her body clenched down on his cock.

“That’s it, little girl. Milk Daddy’s cock. Just like that.” He came with a loud groan, emptying himself inside of her.

The feeling of her Daddy wrapped around her, deep inside of her, was perfect. No amount of manufactured wrongness could penetrate the feeling of rightness that permeated her being.

Lani floated on that high, full to bursting with emotions.

He relaxed against her back, still very much connected to her. His come leaked out around where they were joined, tracking down her legs and wetting her pajamas. Lani felt almost content.

“Fuck, Lani.” He kissed her neck and sighed. “We shouldn’t have, but God, you feel so good around me.”

As the heat of the moment cleared, reality reared it’s head. What had she done? This would only make the summer more difficult for both of them.

“We…” She croaked before clearing her throat. “It won’t happen again, Daddy. Promise.”

He slid out and moved back, leaving her feeling empty and achy. She lay still, not caring that his come continued to leak out of her body.

“No, it won’t.” He sounded distracted as he stood behind her.

She glanced back over her shoulder to find him gazing with intense longing between her thighs.

“So beautiful full of my come. So fucking beautiful.”


He tore his gaze from her pussy to meet her eyes again.

She swallowed hard before replying. “I’ll be here if you need me. I’m your special girl, Daddy.”

A plethora of emotions flashed across his face, before returning to a more neutral expression. Lani thought he would reply to her invitation, but he simply left the room.

She lay there still, unwilling to wash away his come or remove her pajama. Fatigue nipped at her heels so she climbed into her bed, slid under the covers, and fell asleep in a blink.

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