Full of face

A continuation of sorts?

The opening of the garage door woke her from her sleep. Lani stretched, aware of the soreness of her cunt. She cupped herself and felt the lingering wetness of her Daddy’s come on her lips.

The touch to her cunt brought what she’d done back to the forefront of her mind. Daddy had filled her full of come and she’d loved every second of it. A twinge is guilt hit her at her loss of control.

“Fuck,” she breathed.

How was she going to make it through this time at home? How was she going to make it through dinner?

Her mother’s tread on the stairs drew her out of her worrying. Lani sprung out of bed, quickly shedding the footie pajamas and grabbing her robe.

“Lani Rae? Is my baby home?”

Some of her worry melted away just hearing her mother’s voice.

“I’m home, mama.”

She threw open her door and met her mother before she reached the top of the landing. Her mother, Renee, was half Lani’s height, but was an older version of her daughter. The tight hug grounded her after her mind had been in such a tailspin. It was good to feel comfort instead of confusion.

They stepped apart and her mother turned a critical eye on her.

“You’re too skinny, Lani.”

“At least I’m not too fat.”

Her mother shrugged as she finished her ascent up the stairs. “You can’t catch a man if you’re too skinny. How do you think I caught your Daddy?”

Her mother winked at her.

Lani’s cheeks flamed as thoughts of earlier came rushing back. She pushed them away before they colored her expression too much and she had to explain. Lying wasn’t something she’d ever mastered and her mother was far too perceptive for her own good.

“Ew, mama. I don’t want to know how you caught Daddy.” She made sure to pitch her voice just right.

It drew the desired response. Her mother laughed and then made her way to down the hall to her bedroom.

“Oh, I before I forget. We’re having a cookout tonight and some of the neighbors will be by. Your sister is coming over and maybe your brother. I’d like it if you’d come down and be social.”

Her mother needled her with a look when she groaned. Lani hated social events with a passion.

“Even if it’s only for a few minutes, Lani. I would like you to show your face. You can swim and have some dinner before you hole up in your room.”

Lani know she was being told, not asked. If she didn’t come down later, her mother wouldn’t let her hear the end of it for the rest of the summer.

“Okay. All right, mama. I’ll come down for a bit.”

Her mother’s smile could’ve lit the whole house.

“Glad you’re home, baby.”

Lani waited until the party was in full swing before making her way downstairs. She was brimming with nerves that had nothing to do with being social and everything to do with seeing Daddy.

It was still light out and warm enough for swimming, which a few people were doing. Many people were at tables or in lawn chairs chatting. It was a chill atmosphere with folks Lani recognized from the neighborhood.

Her mom was in the midst of a deep conversation. Lani scanned the crowd and found her Daddy with ease. He was by the grill, beer in one hand and spatula in the other. Just the sight of him clad in worn blue jeans and a black shirt, made her pussy achy. Nothing had changed, well maybe everything had since this morning. She needed him and couldn’t have him.

As if he knew she was looking, he looked up and they locked eyes. She felt a wave of lust roll through her under that intense gaze

She nearly turned back around to go back upstairs, but knew she had to suck it up. It would be a quick visit.

“Lani.” Her sister, Marlie, waved her over the moment she stepped through the sliding glass door. “Grab me a beer.”

The beer was over near her Daddy. She glanced his way again, but he was busy talking and didn’t seem to be aware of her state.

She made her way toward him quickly, her stomach flip flopping as she crossed toward him. He ignored her, seeming focused on his conversation. She grabbed a beer and retreated over to where her Marlie sat at a table.

“I’m surprised to see you out here.” Marlie lofted a brow in question as she sipped her beer. “Not one to venture out and be social, sis.”

Lani rolled her eyes. “I’m not, but mom would guilt me to death if I didn’t come out for a few minutes. So here I am.”

“Mama’s a pro at the guilt trip. It’s why I’m here instead of in Houston at the Binks concert I’d wanted to go to.”

“Damn, Mar. She must have laid it on thick if you skipped a Binks concert.” Lani would’vebeen a grouch if the roles were reversed.

Marlie shrugged. “Figured this was a smarter bet. Mama wouldn’t have let it go if I hadn’t shown up.”

Lani glanced around again, careful to not let her eyes linger too long on her Daddy. “What’s the occasion anyway?”

“I don’t think there is one.” Marlie’s face pinched for a second. “Dan told me mama and Daddy were having problems.”

“What?” Lani’s nearly choked on her beer. “Problems? What kind of problems?”

Marlie looked uncomfortable. “I don’t know. He made it seem like it was marital. He said last time he was home, they weren’t even talking to each other. Daddy’s staying in the spare room near the garage.”

Lani cut a sharp glance her way. “For how long?”

“Weeks? Months? Longer, maybe. Dan seemed reluctant to discuss it and I don’t really want to either.”

Marlie promptly changed to subject to work and school. Lani let her, but her mind remained preoccupied with her parents’ drama. A few more people floated to the table and she was forced to talk longer than she otherwise would have.

After over an hour of socializing, Lani was exhausted and ready to retreat. Her Daddy announced more food was ready. She used that as her excuse to extract herself from a conversation with her elderly next door neighbor. He was a sweet man, but hard of hearing so he shouted at everyone.

She approached the grill with less nervousness than before and tried to play it cool.

“What would you like to eat, Lani?”

His voice made her shiver, but she played it off.

“A burger.”

“You want to try that again?”

Lani met his eyes and saw the hard look he was fixing her with. She swallowed realizing what she’d done.

“May I have a hamburger, Daddy?”

“You may, babygirl.” Him calling her that did funny things to her body. If he realized it, it wasn’t obvious from his behavior.

He plated a burger and handed it to her. “Eat it out here, Lani.”

For some reason, that got her back up, being told to stay out when she was beyond ready to go inside and escape. She was tired and irritable

“I’m headed in. I’ll make sure to eat at the table.”

She turned and crossed the lawn before he could say anything. What Lani missed was the narrowed eyed glance he threw her retreating back.

Once back in the safety of the house, Lani relaxed. She carried her plate into the kitchen and sat at the table. The blessed quiet calmed her frayed nerves and gave her a chance to think as she ate.

Her parents were having problems. She didn’t know what to think of that new development. They’d been together for thirteen years and had always seemed to love each other dearly. The thought of them having problems sent her into a confusing mental state.

Her mind whispered it was only confusing because she wanted to fuck her Daddy again. That sent a thread of guilt through her. What was wrong with her?

“Lani, why did you come in after I told you explicitly not to?”

The words cutting through the silence startled a scream out of her. She turned to see her Daddy standing in the doorway with his arms crossed.

“I’m and adult. I’ll do whatever I want.” She shrugged and figured that would be the end of it.

“Stand up.”

“What? Why?”

He shook his head and moved toward her. He lifted her from the table and pulled her out of the kitchen.

“What are you doing?” She tried to dig in her feet, but he didn’t stop until they were in the spare room. “Daddy, Stop.”

He didn’t speak, simply sat on the bed and pulled her across his lap.

“Daddy. What–”

A hand landed on her bottom, jolting her into silence.

“If you’re not going to listen and act like a child, then I’m going to treat you like one.”

He started spanking her with hard slaps that made her cry out.


One sharp word was enough to make her obey. Lani buried her face in the comforter and whimpered as his hand fell over and over.

Just when thought it was over, he pulled down her pants to reveal her bare bottom. She tried to sit up, but he placed a staying hand around her waist.

Then he resumed swatting her bottom until she moaned softly. He parted her cheeks and slid two fingers just between her lips. The wetness there made her want to squirm away.

“No, babygirl. Daddy needs to do this.”

His voice was low and raspy, and Lani relaxed on his lap. He was her Daddy and she wanted to let him. Two thick fingers pushed inside her cunt, teasing her and making her ache to have him filling her up.

“Oh God. You’re so wet, babygirl.” He squeezed her hot cheeks with one hand as he finger fucked her with the other. “You want your Daddy’s cock, don’t you? Say it.”

“Please, Daddy.” She panted out. “I need your cock so bad.”

He lifted her off his lap and placed her on the bed. Lani spread her thighs and rubbed her clit as he loomed over her. His face was full of that same hunger as earlier.

“Look at that pretty little pussy. Won’t it look good full of my come?”


“Yes, what?” He slapped her pussy.

She arched up with a cry. “Yes, Daddy.”

“That’s my good girl.”

He unbuckled his jeans and freed his cock. Gone was the protest, all that was left was hunger and need. Lani wanted to feel him inside her so bad. She ached with that need.

Just as he crawled between her thighs, his cock rubbing along her cunt, someone called out.

“Mitchell. We’re out of burgers.”

They both froze at the sound of her mother’s voice. In spite of the danger, he pushed in just a little, stretching her lips around him. His eyes bore into hers as she tried to suppress her whimper. There were a host of emotions in his gaze that Lani couldn’t identify.

“I’ll be out shortly. Just needed to change my shirt.”

He plunged in hard and deep, bottoming out inside of her. Their gazes remained locked as she fought to stay quiet.

“Bring some hotdogs from the extra fridge on your way back out then. Susan brought her kids and they only eat hotdogs.”

He withdrew and the bottomed out once more. “Will do.”

He sounded in total control and maybe he was. Lani was out of control in every way and quickly spiraling down further.

Instead of moving, he leaned down, putting some of his weight on her. He kissed her softly before whispering in her ear.

“Stay up for me, babygirl. Daddy wants to send his little girl to sleep filled with his come. I better find you without panties on.”

She nodded, willing to do anything for him. Anything at all for her Daddy.

He pulled out, his eyes dark as he stared down at her. “Go upstairs, little girl.”

Lani scrambled out of the bed, making sure to pull her pants up before she exited the room.

A blurry, close up photo of a bum in Full of face


  1. Elliott Henry

    This is excellent, Cara. I’m not talking about the sex writing, as always arousing, but the story itself. Very real and the dialog is natural and so believable, I can imagine I’m at that party hearing their voices. The little details, like Susan’s kids only eating hot dogs, how you crafted the character of the mother, and the way you introduced the names really brought your story to life for me. A+ on this one.

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