Have Alive by Pearl Jam stuck in my head. If you know the song, you know the nature of this story.

“You look..”

It was her soft sob, her mumbled words that woke him. He could make just make out her silhouette in the dark room. Fingertips brushed from his nose to his lips, barely dipping inside his mouth so he could taste salt on her skin.


Her hand covered his mouth. She hovered over him, something desperate in her eyes. “You look just like him, baby. Just like your father.”

Before he could respond her lips were pressing against his. He could taste her tears, taste the wine she’d had as her tongue slide into his mouth. He’d never had a kiss so sweet in his eighteen years. It took a moment for his mind to catch up with what was happening. Grasping her shoulders, he pushed her back.

“What are you doing?” he panted, ashamed as blood rushed to this cock.

His breath seized in his chest when she guided his hand to her breast. The hard nipple poked at his palm through the silky fabric of her nightgown and his mind stopped in his tracks. She slid that same hand down the line of her body and right between her thighs.

“Touch me, baby. Please, I need you.”

Tears made her voice quiver and something shifted in him. His protests died in his lips as the heat of her cunt wet his palm. He felt the splash of her tears on his arm and his resolve crumbled.

Pulling back the blacket, he invited her in.


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