For all you do 

Red lingerie

“May I give thanks, Daddy?”

Breakfast piped hot on both their plates. She’d been a good girl and brought him his coffee after he’d finished cooking. It was their quiet time together before he left for work. 

He flipped the edge of the paper down and glanced at her. She had a smile on her face as she stared back. 

“Go ahead, Kitten.” 

He flipped his paper back up, grabbing his coffee for a sip. The taste of hazelnut and cream slipped over his tongue, mixing with the words on the page to bring him fully into the day. 

The scrape of the chair drew him back to his girl. Instead of her head bowed over her plate, he caught sight of her bare bottom as it disappeared under the table. 

Before he could question her, little hands were tugging at his trousers. She was quick, removing his soft cock in seconds. 

“Kitten,” he narrowed his eyes on the column he was reading, taking another sip of his coffee. “What are you doing?” 

Her lips wrapped around the head, giving a suck before replying. “Giving thanks, Daddy.” 

She gulped down more of his cock, licking and sucking until he was hard and throbbing. His grip on the paper increased, nearly crumpling it in his palm. 

He came with a soft grunt, holding her head tight against him as his come surged down her throat. The little minx hummed with pleasure as she swallowed each drop. 

After a soft lick, she released him and helped him fasten his trousers. She surfaced and settled in her chair, looking very much like a cat who got her cream. 

“Thank you, Daddy,” she chirped before digging into her breakfast. 


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  1. Elliott

    I loved your story, as that happened to me once, what a crazy memory. Although she did not call me daddy.

    Good luck with your own blog, Cara.

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