Day 13: 1522 words

Fran woke before her alarm as usual. She gave a yawn and a grimace at how tight her body felt.

Her muscles felt stiff and tired when she stretched. It was easy to blame the feeling on a lack of decent sleep last night. Between the new protein drink she’d sampled before bed and the most vivid sex dreams ever, she’d tossed and turned all night.

One dream in particular came back to her as she lay waiting for her work alarm to go off. A gorgeous woman with these breasts capped with coffee colored nipples the size of erasers. Fran had leaned in to rub her stubbled face over those nipples, loving the way her raspy skin had made them stiffen hard. It wasn’t until she’d sucked one into her mouth that the part about having stubble startled her from her dream.

A stiffening started in her groin as she lay there. The sensation was way different than the heat and fullness she usually felt in her cunt. She glanced down the line of her duvet covered body and saw a tenting at waist level.

Fran throw off the blankets and was confronted with a cock planted in the furrowed ground that her cunt used to lay in.

“What the actual fuck?”

Her voice sounded deeper, and a pat of her chest revealed her small C cup breasts had receded to a flat chest.

“Fuck. Me.”

Her hands went to grasp the newly formed penis, the feel of her skin on this new part making her jump. The sensations connected with having her cock touched were so startling she dropped the appendage. Well, she let it go and it remained at attention.

The urge to touch, to figure out what the hell happened to her in her sleep, superseded her shock. She reached to touch herself again, ignoring the shivers that rushed over her.

Fran let her fingers creep around the bottom of the shaft to explore. Her vagina was gone, the one part of her body she knew so well had vanished. Instead the base transitioned from erect flesh to the creased skin of her balls. She rolled and tugged them, trying to understand the pull and how it felt so different. Below that was the skin of her perineum, a line leading down to her asshole.

It was impossible not to have a quick stroke. She felt like Goldilocks as she found the right pressure and hold. Too tight and she squirmed with the wrong kind of sensations, too loose and she barely felt her touch at all. It wasn’t until she dug out some lube from her drawer that she found the touch that made her hips jack up and her belly tremble. She circled the head and the frenulum beneath like she did with her boyfriend, moaning her pleasure.

It was joystick she never thought she’d get to play with, and here it was available for her to play.

She wanted to come, but stopped herself. Now was not the time for a fucking wank. Fran needed to call out sick and then figure out what the hell was going on.

Her new cock bobbed wildly when she rolled to grab her phone. It was painfully hard after her practice wank and glistened from the lube.

“How the hell do I get it to go down?”

Another thing stopped her. Her voice was way too deep to call in. She’d have to put on the works to convince her manager, Debra, she was who she said she was and that she was unwell.

“Hello, Debra?” She tried to pitch her voice higher to sound feminine, but she sounded croaky. Pitching it lower so she sounded sicker, she tried again. “It’s Fran. I’m going to have to call out. Something is… definitely wrong with me.”

“Sounds like it.”

Even though it was her usual bland tones, Fran had worked with the poisonous woman for so long she could practically feel her disgust bleeding down the line.

“Is it catching and will you be in tomorrow?”

“I don’t believe it’s catching. As for tomorrow…. I’m hoping to know that ASAP.”

Her cock twitched between her thighs as though it didn’t plan to go anywhere. Fran glared at it before covering it with a blanket. Did it ever go down?

“Very good. Keep me abreast of the situation.”

Debra hung up before Fran could reply. At least that was done even if she’d catch the old battle-axe’s wrath when she did return to work.

Now to sort out her problem.

She got out of bed, the bobbing and bouncing between her legs odd now that she was upright. How in the hell did men manage with this thing? She attempted to put on a pair of jeans, but it refused to tuck itself behind the denim with even a smidge of decency.

Fran was back to eying the thing in confusion. It was a mistake as it seemed to take her gaze as an invitation to get harder. A tiny pearl of precum beaded at the end and then fell from her cock to the ground without disconnecting.

Her cock throbbed in time with her heart rate. She tried to get her thoughts to turn to other things, but she couldn’t seem to get her brain to function with that thing standing at attention.

“Just fix it, Fran. You can manage this crisis just like any other.”

It was so damn cliché to jack off, but she comforted herself with the fact that it would fix the monster erection so she could actually get out and investigate.

Fran wrapped her hand around it and quickly found that rhythm she discovered she liked earlier. It was meant to be quick, a perfunctory activity so she could carry on.

It didn’t end up that way.

She found herself on her back in the bed, jeans around her shins. Her mind wandered not to the woman with the chocolate-colored nipples, but the feeling of her boyfriend fucking her ass. Paul would slide in, his hairy thighs clapping her ass. He’d fuck her harder because he knew she could take it with ease now.

Reaching for a toy she used for ass play, she lubed up her ass. Flipping to her hands and knees, Fran guided the toy in and groaned low when it bumped over something. She shuddered hard as she went to her shoulder freeing her other hand to pull at her cock.

This was perfect, her brain in absolute bliss as these new sensations raced around. She wished she had another hand to roll and tug her balls. It was different from playing with her clit, working her cock made her feel like she had lightning gathering in her gut.

She swirled her hand under the head and rocked back into the toy in her ass. It was exactly what she needed to rocket over the edge. That bolt of lightning in her gut shot out, electrifying her entire body. The come seemed to jettison out of her, peppering the bed beneath her in huge gouts. Fran’s ass squeezed hard on the toy as more and more come pooled on the bed.

She felt like she was on fire from the inside out, but didn’t want the intense feeling to end. Everything poured out of her.

When the orgasm finally slowed, she collapsed in the puddle beneath her, uncaring that she was now covered in come. She felt worn out and seemed to float where she lay.

It wasn’t until she’d returned from her hazy state that she realized her body was back to normal.

Fran reached between her thighs to find her vagina back in place. She examined the whole of her vulva before pressing her fingers inside. Her breasts had reappeared like twin cushions underneath her. If it wasn’t for the spunk dampening the bedcovers beneath her, she would’ve thought it was all a dream.

There was a bit of disappointment at being back to normal. It was different being a man even if for only an hour.

She got out of bed again, pushing her jeans off her shins before gathering the bedsheet up and depositing it in the hamper. A shower was in order before the spunk dried on her skin. First she needed to follow the hunch she had about what caused her weird change.

There, on the kitchen counter, was the new ‘protein’ drink container. She grabbed it up and read the bottle. In the tiniest print at the bottom was a warning.

“Can cause unforeseen changes in some people if taken before bedtime. Use with caution.”

Unforeseen changes is fucking right. How has the world did the get away with putting something like this out to the general public? Fran had a mind to contact call FDA and any governing agency she could think of, but another thought occurred to her.

Grabbing up her phone, she called her boyfriend.

“Paul,” she put a sexy purr in her voice, determined to lure him over. “Come over tonight. I have something fun I want to try.”

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  1. Indigo Byrd

    This a fabulous story Cara, thank you. I know when I was first in a relationship it used to drive me crazy with curiosity to know what it felt like from a man’s pov. So thanks again, and I can’t wait for Fran to try out some more of that drink!
    Indigo x

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      Cara Thereon

      I have no idea if I’m even close to correct. It’s all speculation frankly. It’s what I imagine it would be like as they seem to have a relatively easier time. I’m tempted to see how Paul would do in a swap. Very tempted.

  2. May More

    this is so cool and different – I loved it – I have an obsession with my man’s cock and would love to be in his shoes for even a day – great stuff – MORE please x

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