Silly Girl

Cara, naked and reclined, shot from the right side so her whole torso (and her nipple ring) shows in post titled Silly Girl

Day 12: 500 words and something short.

She was feeling so silly tonight and found herself wiggling in her spot on the couch.

“Can you put on some music, Daddy? I’m feeling dancy.”

“Dancy? Silly girl can’t keep still.” He chuckled at her wiggling. “Go get your ears while I pick a station.”

She returned to him playing a random mix of music. Sugar Ray started to pipe through the speakers and she hopped into the middle of the living room floor.

“I just want to fly, Daddy.”

He turned the volume up and started croning to the music.

Put your arms around me, baby
Put your arms around me, baby
I just wanna fly

Kitten swiveled her hips and undulated around the living room.  She would get close and shake her bottom for him, turning so she could put his hands on her hips and help her move. When he’d chuckle at her, she would dance away and give him a sexy look and really ham it up so her chuckling turned to a full blown belly laugh.

Hearing him sing and laugh made her feel so light that she fell into his lap when the song ended.

“See,” he told her as he held her close, “I have been saying all along you were the silly one, kitten.”

She huffed, wiggling her eyebrows at him. “I’m not a bit silly, Daddy. Kitten is always serious.”

He kissed her hard, taking her mind off of being silly and placing it firmly back on him holding her. Kissing was definitely something he’d taught her to love with him.

Just as she was truly sinking into enjoying his lips on hers, he started tickling her until she broke away. He trapped her on his lap, an arm looped around her waist, tickling all her sensitive spots and making her scream with laughter.

“Daddy,” she yelled, trying to get away from his attack.

He let her go suddenly, sending her toppling to the floor in a heap of wriggling kitten. She huffed at him, but climbed back up on the couch to snuggle beside him.

“Ready for more?” He made to tickle her again, but she blocked him with a pillow, sticking out her tongue.

“No tickles.” She stuffed the pillow between them.

He gave her a stern look before his smile reappeared.

“I love playing with you, kitten, we should do it more. Hearing my girl laugh makes me happy.”

Her heart got a little gooey and she throw away the pillow so she could cuddle against him. He knew what to say sometimes to disarm her totally.

“It’s easy to laugh, Daddy, you make me happy.”

His smile grew softer at that. The look in his eyes did things to her because she could feel how much he cared for her. Being with him made her feel cared for in so many ways.

“I love you, kitten.”

She leaned in to kiss his cheek, her whole body happy to be near him. “I love you, too, Daddy.”

Cara, naked and reclined, shot from the right side so her whole torso (and her nipple ring) shows in post titled Silly Girl


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