Hansel’s Submission

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Hansel lost his sister at the fork. They’d walked this path frequently over the last nineteen years and yet she always managed to get lost. It’s why he came with her this time, so she wouldn’t get lost as the weather changed.

Retracing his steps, he came back to the fork and looked to the left. He could just make out smaller footprints in the low light. What worried him was the fresh larger ones that followed. He raced down the path, determined to catch up to his sister before something happened to her. They were all the other had.

“Gretel? Gretel, are you there?”

Hansel called you her, his usually booming voice barely carrying. Darkness seemed to settle all at once, the trees closing in around him. He thought he heard Gretel call to him and raced toward the sound. Running full tilt down the dark path, Hansel heard a howl echo through the forest. Rounding a bend, he was stopped in his tracks by the wolves ahead of him.

They blocked the path, three big animals standing shoulder to shoulder. They would be as tall as him if they stood on their hind legs and their eyes glowed in the darkness. Hansel had skid to a stop the moment he’d rounded the turn. Now he tried to backpedal, but the one in the middle advanced on him. He started to turn, but something rammed into his back hard, sending him forward. Unable to brace, he hit his head on something and lost consciousness.


He woke with a groan. The moment he opened his eyes, he shut them again. Pain rippled from the right side of face when he moved.

“He’s awake now.” The voice was close, too close.

Keeping his eyes closed, he tried to get his bearings. There was warmth at his back, a slow rise and fall that mirrored his own breathing. A warm breeze ruffled his hair and he was surrounded by the smell of musk every time he took a breath. Something hard poked into his hip and he shifted until it settled between the cheeks of his ass.

“Oh he’s definitely awake.” The close voice was filled with laughter. His hair ruffled again as it spoke.

A tickling touch trailed down his stomach to settle on his thigh and he cracked his eyes open. An arm was across his chest, a hand tickled along his inner thigh, and another rested on his stomach. He shut them, becoming aware of the situation he was in. Hansel was laying on someone and surrounding by a few other people.

“I think he’s trying to avoid us.”

The hand on his inner thigh moved up to grip his soft cock. The touch was a shock, a little zing of electricity racing from his shaft to his balls. He felt his cock engorge as the firm hand stroked him.

“He doesn’t have to have his eyes open for us to enjoy him.”

A hard tweak of his nipple made him arch. The pain of opening his eyes was a little less, but it still took time for his eyes to focus. A man was hovering above him, bright hazel eyes and a secret smile filling Hansel’s sight.

“He’s finally joined us.”

He looked around the man to see they were in a clearing, the star filled sky above them. There was a cottage nearby and he could make out a single candle flickering through the window. The light went out seconds after he noticed. A howl sounded again and he tensed up.

“Don’t give him too much time to think. He may run off.” The hand around his cock sped up, gliding perfectly up and down his shaft, stealing his breath. “We found him so let’s play with him.”

Before Hansel could process what that meant, he was flipped on all fours in the grass. The man who had been holding him was at his back, fitting his thighs between Hansel’s spread legs. The man who had been hovering over him was now at his front, holding a very thick cock in front of his face. A firm hand on his back sent him lower to the ground.

“Rodrick, you’ll just have to wait your turn, not enough holes.” The man in front laughed as he smeared the head across Hansel’s mouth and cheek.

“I can be patient, Fredrick. I’m always patient.”

Hansel looked up to see another man to the left who was almost a copy of the man waving his dick at him. Broad shoulders, dark hair, bright hazel eyes, and a secret smile. He glanced back over his shoulder and saw the other man looked similar as well.

A hand grabbed his chin and brought his face back around. Fredrick held him still, his cock head pressing to Hansel’s lips. His ass was spread and something wet slithered up from his balls, along his perineum, to circle his hole. Hansel tried to crawl forward, but Fredrick stopped him.

“Just accept it. The night has brought as all here and the night will only end when we’ve all had our pleasure. We don’t want to hurt you…”

The wetness rasped around and around, poking into his hole to loosen the muscle. Hansel whimpered, aroused and confused. He heard a woman’s cry of pleasure close by and had a fleeting thought about his sister. It was lost in the haze that had settled over him, his cock hard and his body aflame.

“Do you submit, Hansel?”

His lips tingled where precum was smeared. As if I’m a dream, he opened his mouth and allowed Fredrick to slip his cock inside.

“That’s a good boy.”

As the cock slid to the back of his throat, he felt the poke of another at his hole. His ass was spread more, pulling him further apart for the advance. He tried to rear forward, the pain intense, which only served to send a cock farther down his throat. He was breached from both ends, holding him in place.

“Relax, it’ll get easier. Kendrick is impatient and has barely given things time to work.”

“His ass is too amazing to wait.”

Fredrick patted Hansel’s cheek, smiling down at him as he started to suck. “Wait until you have his mouth.”

Hansel found himself sinking into it. Nothing else registered, not the breeze raising goosebumps on his skin, not the grass grating his hands and knees, not the sound of the trees rustling. His world narrowed down to the cocks filling his mouth and his ass, and his desire for more.


  1. elliott

    I read Gretel first not knowing of this before. A sexy fairytail, love the exchange between the two guys at the end. And about that little zing of electricity, I know it so well.

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