Cara's bum with some marks on it, by a window where it's got light and shadow on it.

I’ll circle back to H. Hopefully? Anyway, a little close to home, this one.

The mirror was never forgiving. She felt…

“Fuck. I look terrible.”

He looked up from his computer. His eyes slid from her hair up in a loose ponytail, down her body clad in a summer dress that clung to her curves. She was too focused on the vanity mirror to notice his look.

“The staying in and stress has been hell on my hips, but I just look awful overall.”

His brows drew together as she turned to look at her ass. “Awful?”

Her hands fluttered over the material, smoothing and plucking at it as she grew more upset. He sat his computer on the bed and stood up.

“Yes, ‘awful’. Staring at pictures of myself earlier made me see how weird and unattractive I look. Everything is all wrong.”

That sent his brows to his hairline. Unattractive? She was truly blind to how sexy and lovely she looked. Especially wearing that dress. It wasn’t just her appearance though, but the way she made the room light up when she was in it. He shook his head. She’d let lies creep in and it was his duty to help her correct course.

“Why don’t I look like…”

He was behind her now, something she picked up if her wide eyes were any indication. Crossing his arms over his chest, he nodded for her to continue.


She knew how he felt about her saying terrible things about herself. Rolling her lips together and fidgeting with the hem of the dress, she debated not speaking. He placed a hand between her shoulder blades and pushed until she bent forward to rest her palms on the vanity top.

“Finish your sentence.”

Swallowing hard at the look in his eyes as he stared back at her in the mirror, she fought with the words.

“Like the pretty girls.”

He made a humming sound, pulling the back of her dress up to bare her naked ass. She hesitated before continuing on.

“Clear skin that isn’t too dark, mouths that are in proportion with their faces, breasts that don’t sag—“

The crack of his palm on her ass stopped her mid sentence. He hadn’t bothered holding back. The print of his hand wasn’t evident on her skin, but he felt the way her body trembled when he ran his fingertips over the spot.

“Go on.”

He kept his voice hard, his palm firmly between her shoulders to keep her still. She’d get it all out right now.

“I’m… I’m not pretty or sexy or—“

She gasped when his hand connected with the other cheek.

“I’m not sure how to convince you that you’re all the things you don’t believe you are.”

“It’s just,” He saw her blink back tears as she shrugged. “I wish I could see it. I don’t look like those women.”

His heart squeezed in his chest. This was a wound far deeper than just this moment. He knew that, but was determined to help her anyway.

“Let’s try something different.” He spanked her four times, two for each cheek. “I want you to tell me something you like about your appearance.”

He started spanking in earnest, his hand falling in a steady rhythm while she searched her face in the mirror. Keeping his focus on covering every inch of her ass, he let her struggle.

“My—“ she hissed when he struck her right at the crack of her ass. “My eyes are pretty.”


“My lips are full and kissable?”

“Was that a question?” She squealed as he peppered her ass and thighs.

“No! They’re definitely kissable.”

“Look in the mirror and tell me, and yourself, that you are beautiful.”

The moment she looked him in the eyes, the tears threatened. He rubbed her bottom and let her gather her courage.


He slid his hand from the curve of her ass down to between her thighs. She spread without being asked and he caressed her labia gently.


Parting her, he teased at her opening, enjoying the way her eyes softened.


He nodded his approval. “Now to yourself.”

This one was harder. He paused his teasing as those tears started to spill over.

“You can do it, baby.”

“I am—“

He pressed two fingers into her cunt and she stuttered. He paused again, her hips thrusting back.

“Go on.”

She swallowed. “I am beautiful.”

“Good girl.” He pushed her all the way forward, bending her so her nose was touching the glass. “Now keep saying it while I fuck you.”


  1. elliott henry

    I liked how this progressed to the end. The ugly duckling became a swan. Reminded me of my second wife who would become distraught because she thought she was too skinny and ugly, I thought she was perfect. I was able to change her mind, not through spanking, although that would have been fun. You tagged this story ‘erotic’ and it definitely is, I was getting an erection by the end of it.

    This is ‘Read Cara Day’ and I’m moving on to the next story now.

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