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One, two

Paranoia had been riding her hard since that night.

She glanced over her shoulder as she walked to her car, the shadows in the garage deep and menacing. Picking up her pace, she struggled to keep herself from panicking as she closed the distance to her vehicle.

Her sigh of relief when she finally settled down into the leather seats filled the car. The doors locked with a reassuring click  as she started the engine, chasing a bit of her fear away.

Dark, scary thoughts plagued her as she wove through evening traffic. She chastised herself almost daily for not reporting her attacker. The man broke into her apartment and forced himself on her. For Christ sake, she was a victim!

Except that little voice in the back of her mind taunted her with the way she responded to his touch. His masterful play of her body was scarier than him showing up in her room. No man had made her come so hard in the past. What was worse was how she’d masturbated every night since then, fear and lust swirling in her belly at the thought of him. Would he come for her again? And why did part of her pray he did?

A honk behind her drew her out of her thoughts. She released her white knuckle grip on the steering wheel and sped through the light.

The lot was full when she pulled into the complex, forcing her to park further down from her apartment and do a hurried trek through the dark lot. She didn’t breathe easy until she was in her apartment and the lock was in place.

Tension from work and fear had formed hard knots in the her neck and shoulders and she groaned as she stripped out of her scrubs on her way to the bathroom. Steam filled the space, swirling around her and carrying away some of the anxiety that plagued her. With a soft sigh, she slipped under the spray and lost herself in the heat of the water.

Just the act of cleaning herself, the slow slide of the wash cloth and her hands down her body, relaxed her. It also had the effect of bringing her mind back to that night again. Nipples already tight grew tighter and she groaned as the water rinsed the soap from her. She slid a hand down her stomach, reaching to cup between her thighs. A different wetness coated her fingers as she teased her clit and thrust two fingers deep in her cunt.

Oh God, she needed to come desperately. The need for it was almost overwhelming as dark thoughts of her intruder invaded her mind.

She came with a cry and a tremble that shook her from head to toe. The dark thoughts faded, his fingers an echo on her body with each jerk of her hips. Her head rested on the tile, the cooling water beating down on her back as shame permeated where lust had recently been.

He’d changed everything for her and she didn’t know how to fix it.

After a glass or two of wine, she finally let fatigue carry her to her bedroom. She couldn’t avoid sleep no matter how hard she tried and maybe the extra wine would actually let her sleep through the night.

She couldn’t help stripping out of her pajamas and sliding between her cool sheets naked. Even with the fear that still rode her at times, she found she had a far more restful sleep nude. What sleep she managed to get, that is.

Thankfully, the hard day at work and the wine combined to ease her into a dreamless slumber.

She jerked awake with a gasp, glancing around wildly as her heart galloped in her chest. Gripping the sheet to her chest, she swallowed around the dryness of her throat. She strained her ears, listening closely for any and all sounds. The ticking of the clock and the soft whir of her ceiling fan were all she heard.

It was long moments before she regained control of herself, the panic slow to fade after such an unexpected rush. She was left covered in a cold sweat, her body trembling. Laying back, she took a deep cleansing breath and reminded herself that nothing was wrong. She was fine.

Rolling to her side, she squeezed her eyes tight and practicing the breathing techniques her friend had taught her.

In through her nose for the count of four, she held that breath for the count of seven, and exhaled slowly for the count of eight. In, hold, out. In, hold, out. She repeated the action until get muscles relaxed and she hovered right at the edge of sleep.

She didn’t feel the slight dip in the bed, sleep beginning to pull her under. It was the arm around her waist pulling her against a warm, naked body that snatched her from the edge of sleep with a gasp.


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