Caught 9

Chapter 9

Hunter couldn’t relax. Just watching the way every eye fastened on Gazelle made the most intense feeling of possessiveness to course through his body. They all wanted her, men and women both. He could see it in the hungry way their eyes caressed her body. Even as she knelt on the grass with a touch of fear in her gaze, it was obvious was born for this. Born to kneel, serve, and give pleasure.

Just watching the way she sank into Veronica, licking and sucking, ranked as one of the most erotic experiences he’d witnessed. He grimaced and shifted around as his erection pressed hard into the zipper of his

The sunlight cast a brilliant shine on her black hair and kissed her bronzed skin in the most becoming way. Every breath pushed her full breasts up, her berry colored nipples mouthwatering in their loveliness. He itched to go to her and taste every inch of her beautiful body, but he held himself back. Hunter knew this was the perfect opportunity to make her see what she missed, to help her see what she truly needed. She was his and he just needed to wait a little longer before she realized it.

He just needed to hang on and not carry her back to his room to keep her all to himself.

He let his eyes wander to Luke who knelt with his back totally straight beside Gazelle. The irritation tensing Luke’s shoulder would’ve made Hunter laugh if he was in that kind of mood. Proud to the end, he knew his best friend would never last as a slave. Hunter snorted at the thought of Veronica leading the man around on a leash; Luke would never submit being too strong a Dom.

An idea formed in his mind as he watched the kneeling participants lay flat on their backs. As Gazelle spread her thighs, her plump lips parting in an almost provocative way that called to him, wetness glistening on her skin, Hunter knew he had to do everything necessary to keep her wit him for good. 


She wasn’t sure how she lasted. The beautiful man who stepped between her thighs had just a talented mouth and a cock so thick she felt split in two to bring her to the brink of orgasm more than once, but she’d held off. Because every time she felt herself about to topple over, she opened her eyes to lock on to Hunter’s vibrant blue ones and she beat it back. She wanted to make him proud of her, wanted him to know that she could be the woman he needed. That truth kept her from shattering into pieces the second the man’s cock exploded inside of her, the warm spurt of his cum threatening to pull her under. The anchor of Hunter’s pleased smile as she whimpered as she held on was all the gratification she needed.

“You may come, slave.” The smoky voice of the man hovering above her whispered like wind in her ear, breaking through her haze. With her eyes locked on Hunter’s, Gazelle let herself go. The orgasm stole through her body, blanking her mind as her back arched hard and her lips screamed Hunter’s name. Sensations so intense they almost stole her sight whisked through her. Her pussy clenched and released in a frenzied pattern, and she submitted to that pleasure.

Gazelle let her eyes slid shut as quick fingers worked to wring out every last bit of her pleasure. She arched, her breasts thrusting into the air, her lips parted as she struggled to draw in breath. When she collapsed boneless on the grass, her eyes opened to seek out the stormy blue ones that had become her anchor. He’d disappeared and she felt something deflate, her heart aching in a different way now.

A calloused hand, slick with the juices that had just gushed from between her thighs, sketched over her lips, leaving that wetness behind. She smelled that musky sweet aroma of her passion and almost smiled. Today’s Gazelle was a far cry from the one that walked into Hunter’s house yesterday and, shockingly, she felt nothing except that dull ache in the center of her chest because she wanted Hunter beside her. She wanted to come down from her high and feel his strong arms cradling her instead of the fleeting touch of the nameless man who’d just brought her intense pleasure.

“Come find me tonight,” the man breathed into her ear before lifting away, his flaccid cock sliding from her body.

Gazelle didn’t bother closing her legs; the sunshine felt too glorious on her swollen pussy lips, and she soaked in the sensation of being okay in her skin for the first time in her life. She did smile then; no thoughts of her mother circling like vultures in her mind, no pushing to be the best, and no worrying about how she appeared to others. That relaxed feeling flowed through her.

Her mood was shattered by the sultry sound of Veronica’s voice. “Now that everyone has had a little pleasure, let’s add some pain to the mix.”

All of a sudden, Luke stood up and Gazelle watched as he stepped over her and into the gazebo where Veronica perched on a bench. With a crock of her finger, Luke settled stomach down on Veronica’s knee, his firm ass tipped up in the air, and his hands planted on the ground in front of him.

Veronica stroked her hand over the tight curve of Luke’s butt, his muscles quivering at her touch. She lifted her head and glanced at Gazelle, her glistening lips tilted in a wicked smile. “And what is pleasure without a little pain? It sharpens the pleasure, brings it to the fore, and makes it so much sweeter.” Fast as lightning, her hand lifted and fell with a resounding smack, forcing a moan from Luke. A red print appeared across his cheek, visible even through his deep tan.

“But can your slave take the pain in order to receive the pleasure?” She rubbed at the spot with one hand and with the other stroked Luke’s rapidly growing cock. Gazelle followed the slow up and down of Veronica’s white hand, as it pumped along his shaft, fascinated and horrified at what she knew would happen next. Veronica winked at her and pulled her hand away just as his hips started to buck into her fist. “Last slave to safe word is the winner. Please take your slave and we’ll begin on my signal.”

Gazelle felt rather than saw Hunter come up behind her. He lifted her up and placed her hands on rail, pressing lightly between her shoulders. A protest hovered on her lips and she started shaking her head. Fear tightened her stomach into knots at the thought of having to deal with something harder than a playful spanking. Hunter simply pressed harder, a growl of disapproval reminding her of her obligation. “Gazelle,” he murmured.

Gritting her teeth, she forced herself to submit to the pressure of his hand, her waist bending and her breasts hanging. For some reason, the position seemed lewd to her; legs spread so her pussy lips peeked out, breasts dangling like ripe fruit, and Hunter’s hands caressing over her ass as though he truly owned her. Her mind flipped a little and it took everything she had to stay still.

“Good girl,” Hunter whispered into her ear as his hands continued its dance. “Trust me, love. Trust me. Relax and let me take care of you.”

Her breath caught in her throat at the way he spoke to her. Each word translated his sincerity, his touch comforting. She did trust him; he’d earned it so easily. Gazelle felt the fear leak out of her as her body relaxed. His hands began to knead at the muscles of her bottom, causing the dimming arousal to spark back life.

“This will be hard, Gazelle.” He massaged deeper and she moaned under her breath at the sensation. “Grip the railing tight. Remember that I’m in control and won’t damage you. If you can’t manage, your safe word is red. Understand?”

Gazelle nodded, leaning her head on the rail as her hands gripped tight. She didn’t hear Veronica’s signal over Hunter’s murmur, but felt him lean away. A hand lay on her low back to steady her and then… Smack.

Air hissed out of her lungs. The pain from that one smack radiated up her spine and she bit her lip to keep the tears that sprung to her eyes from falling. Before the sting could dissipate, he lifted his hand away and struck the other cheek, forcing a wounded gasp from her. A few blows landed in quick succession, and by the fifth, Gazelle couldn’t hold back the tears or her whimpers.

A moan drew her eyes to Luke, who still lay splayed over Veronica’s lap. Though petite, Gazelle could tell with every grunt that she showed no mercy. He turned his head to wink at her just as another blow landed rocking her forward. Obviously someone believed she had more grit than truly possessed. At the moment, Gazelle only felt like using her safe word and putting a stop to the pain. The strength of Hunter’s hand on her back stopped her.

“Relax,” Hunter barked out, his hand landing again. Tears streamed down her face unchecked, her breath shuddery each time she inhaled. She sucked in a breath and tried to fight through the fiery pain radiating through her to unclench her body. His voice was softer when he spoke though he didn’t let up on the spanking. “You’re doing good, love.”

The man knew just what to say. He paused for only a moment and she stretched out to push her ass back toward him. From the way it throbbed with her heartbeat, she knew sitting would be a bitch, but she nodded for him to continue. He picked up the pace, spreading the fire from the top of her ass and down her thighs. Gazelle tried to let her body move to the rhythm of the fall of his hand. Her mind started to disconnect and drift.

Like her dream, Gazelle stood at the doorway of her old house watching her mother slide into the car of her latest boyfriend. The bright smile on her mother’s face never reached her amber colored eyes. She found herself moving closer to the car, concern clenching her stomach into a knot. This would be the last time she saw her; her mother’s need to chase pleasure, chase love, greater than her need to stay and take care of her daughter. Her father’s voice floated in the background of her mind, reminding her that she’d been cut from the same clothe as the woman before her. And in that moment, in her mother’s eyes, Gazelle saw sympathy. In her quest to separate herself from the stain of her mother’s indiscretions, she’d become closed to love and passion.

She’d lost herself in fear.

The heavy fall of Hunter’s hand reminded her that her needs couldn’t be denied or pushed aside. Her sobs felt good, her tears pouring unchecked, cleansing her as she mentally waved goodbye to her mother. She gasped as the image dissipated, lost in the plunge of his fingers deep into her pussy. Arching, she felt something other than overwhelming lust and desire at his touch. Gazelle felt whole. Relief coursed through her, deep pulsing relief at the connection she felt to herself for the first time in her life.

She moaned, reveling in both the thrust of his thick fingers into her body and the burn of her skin. “Please, please, please,” she begged as her pleasure and relief coalesced in the pit of her stomach. “I need… God, I need…”

Hunter’s mouth fastened on her neck as his fingers continued their erotic torture. “What, Elle? Tell me what you need,” he breathed into her skin. “Tell me and I’ll give it to you.”

Tossing her head back, she stared blindly as her hips shifted back, seeking to have him deeper. “Please, I want to cum. Please.” Her mind felt frenzied. “I need you, Hunter!”

He pumped his fingers harder inside of her. She pushed back, gripping his fingers inside of her as she fought for her orgasm. Something brushed against her clit, sending a spark through her. Panting hard, thrusting back, spreading her legs wider, Gazelle offered herself unashamedly. Another flick at that throbbing nub and she was tumbling head over heels into an orgasm so intense she blanked out.

Just as her legs gave out, Hunter scooped her up into his arms. She rested her head on his chest, every other sound blocked as she shuddered in his arms. She burrowed deep in his warmth, relaxed as safe as he held her.

“I’m taking my slave inside to tend to her. No more games for her today.” The rumble of Hunter’s voice comforted her.

Gazelle felt a hand trail over her sore bottom. She moaned as the pain sizzled through her. “But Hunter.”

“No, Veronica.” A thread of steel laced his tone. “I’ll see you later tonight.”

Fatigue seized her then and she let herself fade


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