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I found this in my drafts. Click here to start from the beginning. 

Mm, she felt so good in his arms again. She’d been stiff initially from surprise, but there was no ignoring the way her gentle curves melted into his frame. He felt her take a deep breath and placed a restraining hand over her mouth before she could scream. Not that he worried anyone would come to her aid, but the only screaming he wanted from her were screams of pleasure.

He rubbed his nose along her neck, breathing in her smell. She smelled delicious. Cinnamon and honey, a lucious smell that clung to her and made him want to sink his teeth into her. Instead of suppressing the urge, he followed his instinct to mark her. Her squeal as his teeth scored her skin had his cock rising to impossible stiffness. 

“Did you miss me?” He kissed beneath her ear, enjoying the way she quivered. 

The hand at her mouth tightened as he let his other trail down her body. Her body seemed to awaken under his fingertips. Dark nipples furled as he tweaked them, her back arching as he tickled along her ribs, belly dipping as he swirled inside her navel, and lower… 

“What do we have here?” He sighed as he sank his fingers into her short, damp curls. The way her thighs parted, cunt lips plumped as he teased her until she vibrated in his arms. 

He paused, reminding himself why he was there in the first place. Time to collect what was his. 

She jerked when he grabbed her thigh to pull her open. Her leg drapped back over his hip, positioning her exactly where he needed. His mind cautioned slowness, but his cock was beyond waiting. He canted his hips, slicking his skin with her wetness. On the next slide, he fit the head to her opening and pushed in deep. 

“Oh God.”

He wasn’t sure which of them breathed the harsh words, but he felt it like a prayer in his bones. Her body enveloped his in a grip so tight it was like they were one person. It was exactly like he’d hoped and he knew something in that perfect moment. 

Buried in the body that sparked something bright, he knew he’d never tire of the feeling of her. He’d kill to have this forever. 


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