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It’s a short continuation of this story, but it’s a little bit for MM, too 

He stepped into the shower, the hot water sluicing over his chilled body. The scent of her skin seemed to linger even as he lathered the bar of soap in his hands.

God, she’d captivated him with the easy way she’d surrendered. Her body became something deliciously seductive in his lap as she’d writhed. She deserved to be savored over and over. He’d been hard for the last hour unwilling to let her leave his mind. The urge to forsake his commitment had been so strong he cursed the vow he’d made. Anything to feel her gripping her right this second.

His cock bobbed and he finally gave it a little attention. He slicked his soaped hand from base to tip, swirling his thumb along the head. The muscles of his ass tightened, his balls drawing up at the thought of her cunt wrapped around him.

Water dripped from his hair into his eyes, but he couldn’t stop. He was gripped by the possibilities, positions, promise he knew he’d find in her beautiful body. Gripping his cock hard in one hand and his balls in his other, he let his plan unfurl in his mind. His fist pumped faster in time with his thoughts.

She’d kneel before him willingly when he was done with her. Pretty mouth open, cunt slick and ready for him, eyes begging him to take.

He spurted all over the tile, groaning softly as his hips continued to thrust. Propping his arm on the wall, he savored the last pulses of pleasure. Soon

Two weeks later. 

He watched her look over her shoulder as she walked to her car. For a moment, he thought she saw him in the shadows, but discarded that notion even as he knew she could feel him. The beep of her car door unlocking was loud in the otherwise silent hospital garage, and he smiled as he watched her look around again.

Even under the fatigue that clung to her, she was as beautiful as he remembered. Her curly hair was pulled back in a low puff that shot in every direction. The ciel blue scrubs she wore did little to disguise the lush body he knew hid underneath. Just the sway of her hips reminded him of the way her ass wiggled against his cock. He barely stifled his groan.

She continued on her path, her steps sure even as he detected the hint of worry tightening her shoulders. That subtle flair of anxiety hardened his cock until he had to shift his stance. Her eyes darted to every shadow as though expecting him to appear. He chuckled. Oh, she’d never see him coming.

He watched her heave a sigh of relief when she slid into her car, the lock clicking in place excited him that much more.

She thought she was safe from him behind locks and glass, but he knew a way passed all her defenses. He’d watched, he’d made himself practice patience. The fact that she’d said nothing after the first time he came to her was telling.

It was time. Tonight he’d get to use her.


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