Kitchen Work

Day 12: Story 2 for today 750 words

“Why do people even eat this? It tastes like paste in my mouth.”

Stacy took a big drink of water and felt like she needed a moment to regroup. She loathed following trends, but he’d convinced her trying avocado was something she had to do.

“High in protein and really fucking low on taste. I’m going to be a bad millennial and put that firmly on the list of foods I’ll never eat again.”

Short list, considering Stacy would eat just about anything from octopus to chickpeas. She rarely turned down food, and joked that if she ever developed a food allergy her life would be over.

She’d let a pretty face and good dick lead her down the garden path.

To his credit, he didn’t seem offended in the slightest that she’d spoken badly about his avocado pushing. He was wearing a pleasant smile and actually seemed on the verge of laughter. She felt a little ungrateful actually. He’d gone through a lot of trouble to impress her, throwing together a dinner that was delicious.

She’d managed to polish off the amazing spaghetti Bolognese he’d sat in front of her. He’d also made these otherworldly cornbread sticks that made her blush when she’d moaned over them.

Dessert sat off to the side, ready to be served. A fresh-out-of-the-oven apple pie, with crumbles and caramel on top. He’d teased her about the avocado she’d left on the plate, making her taste it before he’d serve that delicious apple pie.

She’d caved. After that amazing dinner, how could she not? A man who cooked, and did so well, was a noteworthy thing. The fact that Stacy wasn’t a fan of cooking made it even more so. Surely he’d not lead her wrong on something so simple as an avocado.

Sometimes pie, a pretty face, and good dick couldn’t help even the ugliest of vegetables.

The silence had carried on for a bit and Stacy was actually starting to feel bad. She was on the verge of apologizing when he spoke.

“So you’ll eat hummus, but avocados and guacamole? Your tongue is very picky.”

“Picky?” She placed a hand on her chest, miffed for no reason. “I’ll have you know, sir, that my tongue likes a broad and diverse amount of things. Do not let my tight ass and narrow waist fool you, I love to eat.”

That made him laugh. He stood to collect both of their plates, scraping off what remained and then returning with a bowl of the green lump of goop that was the vegetable of disdain.

“Let’s see if we change your mind a little.”

Stacy rolled her eyes, leaning back in her chair, a smirk of disbelief firmly on her face.

“Believe me, there’s no way on this side of heaven you can convince…”

He surprised her by undoing his jeans and removing the good dick that lead to all of this. Then he took it a step further by scooping up a spoonful of guacamole and smearing it on his cock.

“I know exactly how you feel about both these things, and your enjoyment of one can and will increase your enjoyment of the other.”

Under her stare, his cock grew harder. The green goop sliding down the top of his shaft as he rose to attention. She narrowed her eyes, watching the lengthening and progression, and feeling the warming and shifting in her body.

He chuckled again, adding a smaller dollop to the tip, covering the bead of precum oozing from the end.

“You’re very easy to read.” He tapped his thigh, signaling his own desire. “You want to lick it all off so you can taste my skin, my spunk. Come over and get a little dessert. I’ll feed you my come and then I’ll feed you pie, pretty girl.”

Her cunt gave a hard spasm as she moved off her chair and sank to the floor. Stacy moved toward him on her knees, her mouth watering as she came to him.

“You’re a bad man.” Her words came out raspy.

He spread his knees wide and leaned forward to thread his fingers through her hair. The way he tugged her forward sent a ping of need straight to her cunt.

Everything in her was focused on tasting him, having him in her mouth and sliding across her tongue. As she closed her lips around him, sinking down so he filled her throat, Stacy found she could acquire a real taste for avocado.

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