She watched as he unbuckled his slacks, pushing them to the ground. The moment his cock popped free, curving up toward his stomach, she moaned.

He didn’t even look at her, turning away to retrieve lube from the nightstand. The dribble of the liquid over the head of his cock had her reaching between her thighs. She’d barely brushed her cunt when his next words halted her movement.

“Are you going to be good?”

Resting both hands on her thighs, she dug her nails into her skin. Just the sight of him spreading the lube down his cock made her tremble. His tanned hand gliding back up to tease the head made her close her legs tight just to calm the ache.

“No.” The sharp rebuke made her jump. “Legs apart. Wide so I can see.”

She obeyed, opening wide so her labia parted. He licked his lips as he focused in on her cunt. Leaning forward, close enough that she could feel his breath, he gazed down at her cunt.

“You look nice and wet. I bet I could slide right in.”

He blew gently and her hips lifted at the sensation. Her breath caught. God, he was going to push her right to the edge. She thought he’d continue, but he simply leaned back and started stroking his cock. It wasn’t long before he threw his head back, his moans filling the air.

It was impossible not to imagine her mouth, her cunt, her ass wrapped around his cock. He’d fuck her with the same rough abandon as he touched himself. She’d hover on the very edge the whole time, quivering with need as he took his pleasure. She wanted desperately to touch herself, could feel wetness leaking from her.


She didn’t even realize she spoke until it was there in the space between them. He heard, she knew, but didn’t acknowledge her need.

He took his time responding, stroking his cock until it was thick and dribbling from the tip. She vibrated as she sat there. When he lifted his head to look at her, his eyes dark and glazed, her cunt gave a hard spasm.

“No, your task is to wait. Now spread yourself wider for me.”

She stifled her whimper as she spread her labia for him, careful not to touch her clit. She waited and watched as he asked her to.


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