To Give In

A half picture of Cara naked on a bed

Just something in my brain because I haven’t written in forever. Elements of non consent

“It is inevitable.”

His smile was bland at first, but as I struggled in my bounds it grew more salacious. I stopped my struggling, sweat stinging my eyes. They blurred for moment before I focused in on him again. His grin was full of warmth, his pleasure in hurting me complete. He acted like he was my lover, but a lover wouldn’t hurt me like this unless I wanted it. And I didn’t want…

Fingertips trailed down my bare chest, tickling my stomach so the muscles quivered, before stopping at my groin. He was trying to torture me until I begged for something. Him or death.

I was no longer sure which I wanted.

“Inevitable like each breath I allow you to take and each drop of blood I make you bleed.”

He cupped my dick through my jeans and I was ashamed that my hips rocked into his grip. When he leaned in, I turned my head. That was what he wanted and I realized my mistake when his teeth sank deep into my shoulder. My cry was a scary mix of pain tinged with pleasure and there was no stopping the tears that leaked from my eyes.

“Submission…” he’d slipped his hand down my jeans while he mauled my shoulder. “Is inevitable.”

His tongue traced the mark, making me shiver as I panted. It was impossible to catch my breath, impossible to simply breathe with him touching me. He’d already started conditioning me to want it. Everything was done by force. Every bruise he left on me was an attempt to have my submission whether I offered it freely or not.

“You’re here because you want to be.”

I was shaking my head before he even finished speaking, the pain in my shoulder racing down my back. I rattled the chains that stretched my arms wide. Turning my face, I met his gaze.

“I don’t want this. I never wanted this.”

“Don’t you want it?”

His smirk as his fist closed around my engorged dick made my teeth clench. My jeans were pushed to my thighs as he kissed the side of my face. He was trying to seduce me, pulling out desire with the hard stroke of his hand. His other palm massaged my nape until I released an unwanted moan.

The hard press of his mouth against mine as he swallowed my gasps made me dizzy. God, it was like he drank me deep. Stop… I wanted him to stop.

“Didn’t you follow me here?” He whispered the words against my lips as he worked me hard. “Wasn’t your aim to do unspeakable things to me?”

No. I just… My mind was a muddle anymore. I’d just wanted to rob him, I didn’t expect this. Or did I? It was hard to focus with his lips on my skin and my dick ready to burst.

My moan was loud in my ears as I came into his fist. He laughed softly into my ear and I felt a rush of shame even as pleasure coursed through me.

“This was inevitable. Me breaking you is inevitable because it’s what you want.”


  1. elliott henry

    I had a hard time (no pun intended) tearing myself away from this amazing image to read the story. I finally did and thinking it was a woman tied up and waiting, did I ever get a surprise. Sexy story, Cara, ‘rattling chains’ a nice touch. Good story.

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