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To Give In

A half picture of Cara naked on a bed

Just something in my brain because I haven’t written in forever. Elements of non consent “It is inevitable.” His smile was bland at first, but as I struggled in my bounds it grew more salacious. I stopped my struggling, sweat stinging my eyes. They blurred for moment before I focused in on him again. His …


Bare torso and a peek of breast

Listen as audio Listen as you read! The plywood floor was surprisingly clean. Something about that increased Tess’s certainty about coming to this particular establishment. She slipped out of her jeans, pushed her panties down her legs, and pulled her tank top off. She folded it all up and sat it on the metal folding …


Kitten kneeling by the window with her bum in the air

She rocks back, crying out as the cane lands again. “Higher.” Pulling her knees under her, she lifts her hips higher before lowering her cheek to the comforter. She braces for the next fiery strike. “Spread your legs.” He wants to see, wants to inhale her. The hitch in his breathing tells her how much …