Why do birds suddenly appear?

Cara Thereon's kitten sipping milk from her finger

Are you one of those girls?”

What a strange question to ask. A weird segue after talking about favorite philosopher.

What kind of girl?”

He’d messaged her on Bumble and they’d started to have a really good conversation. He seemed to be into a lot of the things she was. Traveling, trying new foods, cuddling friendly dogs.

And then…

You know, like one of those girls who is a size queen? A girl that likes big dicks?” The text was followed by two fingers pinched together with a no and then an eggplant emoji.

She’d been involved in the community for a number of years so she knew what a “size queen” was. There wasn’t a preference in dick size when it came to sex with her. As long as everyone walked away satisfied, big or small was irrelevant. Average worked just as well as anything else.

Him asking, and then explaining, did not make the question less bizarre.

It was easy to see how this conversation was going to go. She’d purposely avoided mentioning sex so early. It was damn near impossible to chat with dudes without it veering that way, and she’d almost believed this guy was going to be different.

Not in the mood to talk on this with a stranger, she made to end the conversation.

A picture of a dick appeared on her screen. Him flaccid, barely peeking out of the top of his jeans.

I’m a grower, not a show-er.”

“Jesus H Christ.” She exited out of the chat and rubbed her temples. “Does this shit actually work on other women?”

After a deep breath, she returned to the chat.

if I wanted to see your dick, I would’ve asked to. I’m not interested in discussing my preferences with you any longer.”

He shot back a reply too quick. “You’re an ugly bitch anyway. I was just throwing you a bone because no one else would.”

Before he could turn into the abusive asshat she knew he was gearing up to become, she deleted the chat. She debated reporting him, but decided to deactivate her account instead.

This dating business was for the birds.

Wicked Wednesday badge

This week was spotting something on social media and then writing about it. I stumbled upon a conversation where this new Emoji was being discussed.

Skin tone colored hands, in a row, with one finger held over the thumb as though pinching something together


  1. Marie Rebelle

    Oh gosh, that sentence: “You’re an ugly bitch anyway. I was just throwing you a bone because no one else would.” How many women would be totally floored by this, would feel inadequate and depressed? This story IS real, it’s something that really happens out there…

    Great writing once again, Cara!

    Rebel xox

  2. May More

    Very well told – and true to life. It happens on social media and in a different way in “real life” too.
    I remember years ago being out with a few of my friends in a pub and one of my mates, extremely attractive, was being chatted up but not wanting the attention that night. She politely let him know and as she turned away he said, “you got an ugly nose anyhow.” – her nose was a little long but fitted nicely on her face. A few years later she had a nose job!
    Words can hurt some people badly.

  3. missy

    This is such a good portrayal of how things can work. I am always shocked at the depth of some people and dislike how anonymity can bring the worst out in them. Such a good piece of writing

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