Rising Personality

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He was still, preternaturally so. Perched on the edge of the bed, his back ramrod straight as the silent ticking of the clock filled the room.


No answer. The man did draw a breath, hitched and barely audible.


The look in his eyes, flat and black, could’ve stopped someone’s heart.

“Samuel isn’t here right now.”

His voice was pitched high with a slight English accent.

Dr. Frank steepled his hands. “Then who is here?”

“Ms. Patricia Pearls is my name. You may call me Ms. Pearls.”

“And may I speak with Samuel. He said he had something to tell me the last time we spoke.”

Something flashed in the patient’s eyes. The man’s face changed rapidly before settling back into the severe face of the current personality. “I’m afraid Samuel will not be coming out today. He’s revealed too much and can’t come to the light.”

The doctor jotted down a note before meeting flat black eyes again. “Are you in charge of the group, Ms. Pearls?”

“For now? Until the one who must lead us all rises.”

Glee radiated from the cultured voice. The doctor swallowed around sudden nerves. “The one who must lead you?”

Instead of answering, the man’s face contorted and a different personality appeared. A child like voice exited the man’s mouth.

“Ms. Pearls said I’m supposed to talk to you now. Hey, do you want to hear about the comic book I’m reading?”

“Next time, Frédérique. I’ll leave you to read.”

Something told the doctor he needed to find out about rising personality before it was too late.

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