This was my rejected attempt for one of the entries for Smut Marathon. I scraped it so it sat in drafts. Decided to finish it today.

He’d taken to standing outside just before dusk. The beginning gray strands of night bled across the sky, slowly dimming the day. Stars would wink in on the heels of the fading light, like eyes opening to stare down on the sleeping earth.

The appearance of the stars wasn’t what drew him every night. Part of him had always feared the dark especially the back fields of the farm, but something kept him from retreating back inside once darkness settled.

An unseen hand kept him in place, eyes following the tree line, waiting with bated breath.

Tinkling always gave her approach away. The sound so close to raindrops on a window, it sharpened to high feminine laughter the closer she came to him.

She winked into existence much like the stars. A celestial being in the distance, bright enough to draw the eye. Truly she glittered, particles of dust falling to the ground around her.

Even from a distance he could always make out the curves of her body. She appeared in a red negligee, her breasts filling the cups as each step revealed the gentle roundness of her belly. Her bare legs were long and firm, and she seemed to glide across the field instead of walk.

She was his every wet dream.

Though he was too scared to ask what her actual name was he’d taken to calling her Tinker Bell.

The first time he’d seen her, he’d been out watching a meteor shower. As the stars streaked through the sky, she’d appeared. He’d gasped so loudly they’d both jumped. Instead of disappearing, she’d come a little closer, her breasts jiggling. He’d called out a greeting, but she’d only laughed and went about her strange business.

It was like something out of a movie watching her frolic around the empty field, breasts bouncing. Kicking up dandelions so the seeds blew like snow in the breeze.

He’d tried to speak to her, stepping off the porch to come closer. She seemed to not understand him, or didn’t care to speak with him at least.

Watching her frolic, her actions child-like but her body obviously not, had a strange effect on him. It roused not only a protective urge, but also an intensely sexual one. His dick grew hard, tenting his pajama bottoms.

The blood pulsing at his groin seemed to attract her attention. Her head came up and she sniffed the air before turning luminous eyes on him.

She winked out and then winked back into view inches in front of him. It startled him so badly, he jumped back and fell on his ass.

The way she looked him over, her face rapt as she started at his waist, made his heart pound.

Lowering herself to her knees, her breasts hung like ripe red fruit in her negligee. He froze as she reached out a hand to touch the tip of his cock through the strained fabric.

She whispered something. It came out as soft bells ringing.

He had no idea what she said, but the whispered words seemed to draw the come from the depths of his balls. It shot out from his cock, spilling out of the tip right into the palm of her hand.

Holding it in the palm of her hand, she lifted it to her lips and lapped up the liquid. The pleasure on her face was radiant.

She started speaking, the tinkle of bells loud as she went on in animated gestures. He lay stupefied as she stood up and winked off the porch. She appeared in the field, then winked out of existence, the silence after the bells deafening.

He waited there like an idiot, flat on his back for thirty minutes searching for her before the cold drove him inside. It was easy to chalk it up to insanity, his pants were dry so maybe he’d imagined the whole things.

But something drew him outside the next night, anticipation making him wait until he heard the tinkle of the bells and her feminine laughter again.

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      Cara Thereon

      I have a couple others. I was notorious for doing a second story knowing I’d just send in my first attempt.

      Thank you!

  1. Posy Churchgate

    I remember the prompt, it was the red negligee hanging, with bleak fields behind it. This was an enchanting interpretation and rich with erotic promise. I loved it and, like your guy, I think I’d stand out in the cold to experience it again!
    (I loved that he had an innate fear of the fields in the dark)

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      Cara Thereon

      I had a bit of a wobble with this one so it was a round I struggled with. To be fair, I struggled with most of the rounds. But thank you for reading.

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