Devilish Woman

“How much?”

She straightened up and looked over her shoulder. Okay looking guy. She could feel his thoughts and the rolling off him. His eyes were still glued to her ass until she turned around and cut off his view. The way his eyes widened told her how much he appreciated the change.

“Depends on what you want.”

Not one to wait, she advanced on him and took pleasure in the way he took a step back. She looped an arm around his neck, pulling him down to whisper in his ear.

“Where would your cock like to be? Fucking my throat? fifty dollars. Deep in my cunt? One hundred dollars. Thrusting into my ass? Two hundred dollars. I’m generous. Bring a friend to fill one hole and you another, and I’ll only charge you four hundred dollars.”

She pressed her breasts into his chest as she cupped his cock. He felt heavy in her palm, her fingers tracing the length of him through his jeans.

“Maybe I’ll give you a sample. I’ll bend over and let you jerk off. I bet you’d enjoy splashing cum all over my ass, wouldn’t you?”

His jeans were unzipped, her hand sneaking down the front before he could answer. Her lips were teasing his ear as she teased his cock.

“Let the she-devil make you feel good, mister.”


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