His eyes flashed, a growl rumbling from his chest as he turned to her fully. She barely stifled a gasp as his canines lengthened and his nostrils flared.

Back to the wall, tingles raced up her spine and her cunt softened as he leaned closer. She should be scared, especially with his eyes glowing yellow and that growl growing louder. He huffed, his breath blowing across her face. She was growing hotter by the second.

“Stop smelling like that.” His sharp voice made her jump, sending a zing to her cunt.

She squeaked as he spin her around, pressing her face to the wall. His hand slipped to her waist, his nose skimming down her nape.

“I can’t control myself when you smell like that.”

It was hard to be scared with his cock pressed into her ass and his teeth scraping her shoulder. She’d have to be scared later.


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