Nine Inches

The pulse of Closer seemed to vibrate through her body. She lets it carry her on to the packed dance floor, lets the song move like a driving wave through her body. 

She gets lost in it. 

She felt his hands on her hips. Big hands that seemed to span her entire waist. He pulled her back into him and she went with a smile. Her soft curves melded into the hard lines of his body as she let him lead them into a hard grind. 

I want to fuck you like an animal 

I want to feel you from the inside 

I want to fuck you like an animal

My whole existence is flawed 

You get me closer to God

The music changed to something slower, nastier. One meaty hand trailed down her thigh, gripping the short hem of her skirt and dragging it up. Her smile deepened when she felt the vibration of his groan. 

He found her bare and wet, his thick fingers splitting her puffy lips before diving into her core. A few thrusts and she was coming, her ass grinding back into the thick bar tenting his jeans. 

“Damn,” he murmured into her ear. “You’re more than ready to take me.” 

She only smiled, grinding harder as he fingered her. Determined to get him to fuck her right there on the floor. 


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